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To Steroid or not to Steroid?

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  • To Steroid or not to Steroid?

    Hey guys, I need your help:

    A bit of background:
    • I have subtype 1 and 4 Rosacea.
    • I have had it for about 7-8 years.
    • I have tried many solutions found on these forums, but none have worked.
    • Recently my red and itchy eyes have overtaken my daily concern with Rosacea as the thing that bothers me the most.
    • I went to an ophthalmologist for a diagnosis and he said I have blepharitis (which I know is common in people with rosacea). He also diagnosed me with allergic symptoms after I asked about the black rings under my eyes.

    He has prescribed the following medication for me to use daily for 1 week.

    I am very reluctant to use steroids. A dermatologist has previously prescribed this to me and it made my chronically inflamed face worse.

    The problem is the steroids are mixed with the antibiotics. I asked him whether I needed to take the steroids and he said that I cannot heal if I don't use it. He didn't go into any more detail.

    Would you guys recommend taking the steroid/antibiotic creams/drops for a week or is that a bad idea?

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    Your ophthalmologist should test your eyelashes under the microscope. If the cause for your blefaritis is demodex, then you shouldn't be treated with steroids at all. Find and use Cliradex wipes.


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      Short term antibiotic eyedrops and steroid eyedrops are frequently prescribed by ophthalmologists shouldn't be a big issue. It is the long term use of steroids and antibiotics that are the issue. I doubt if one week of the treatment will be an issue, since he obviously thinks it may improve your blepharitis. And as suggested, ruling out demodex mites is a good idea.
      Brady Barrows
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