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T4O cleared my ocular rosacea...

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  • T4O cleared my ocular rosacea...

    Hello all. I just wanted to post this link to a thread on using T40 for ocular rosacea; it's the active ingredient in Cliradex wipes for ocular rosacea. The clinical study is linked in the first post, and that's what I used to create the simple recipe of mineral oil and T4O:

    Ellen and I cleared our ocular rosacea using this very cheap mixture, so I wanted to make sure to post a link in this forum:

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    Are you still on here? Is this still working for you?!!


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      I have been using Cliradex for about 3 weeks with great success. I've suffered for 5 years with red, swollen lids and gritty dry eyes. I broke out in rosacea and my eyes got worse when I started to treat my face (not eyes) with ivermectin. So, I tried the Cliradex. The upper eyelid swelling went down within about 4 days. I've seen increased improvement since.


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        I've been using Cliradex for 4 weeks and I've seen minor improvements. I may add the 50/50 TTO again.. I'm not sure Cliradex is strong enough for me. Do you have the cylindrical dandruff on the eye lashes?