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  • Eyelashes?

    My eyelashes have totally thinned out and what's left is dry and pointing in all sorts of directions! I look like a spider when I try to use mascara. Is this part of Ocular Rosacea and what can I do about it???


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    Yes, it is part of ocular rosacea, and I'd like to know what to do about it, too. I was interested in your comment that what is left of your eyelashes is pointing in all directions. I had noticed that, too. I also have developed a bald spot at the top right side of my hairline, and I think that is due to rosacea. (I flush mainly on the right side.) I hope the overheating has not permanently killed off my hair follicles.


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      Hi irishgenes,

      Sorry to hear you are having the same problems! I also have thinning eyebrows and hair...but I think that might be hormonal. Lucky me!


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        My eyelashes have "molted" - you know, like chickens lose their feathers, for a long time and one specific are gets bald sometimes, but it seems to be much better when I gently scrub the eyelids w/warm water on a babywashcloth (my Lasik doc told me to do this) am/pm, wash off eyemakeup at night and use a lash primer (white) under my mascara. I think mascara aggrevates, dries the lashes and makes more brittle for me but I can't go w/out it!


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          Karla -

          I've never seen a lash primer. What do you use and where do you get it?



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            Hi A

            Several companies make a primer/mascara in same tube. Max Factor, Revlon are 2 - you can get at drug store or Walmart. Hope it's works for you!



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              For A

              Re: primer - I should have said one either end of the same tube!


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                You are lucky to be able to wear mascara. I haven't been able to stand anything on my eyelids for the last 20 years. I tried all the "hypoallergenic" brands and even bought a book which gave a recipe for making your own mascara so I could eliminate the preservatives, which I thought I might be allergic to. I didn't realize back then that my eye symptoms were the early signs of rosacea. I assembled a few ingredients, but never was able to locate everything I needed to make mascara! I am able to wear minerals-only eyeshadow, but I don't bother because my eyelids are always swollen, and I don't want to draw attention to bloodshot eyes, anyway.


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                  Have you tried eyelid scrubs? They make a difference.



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                    Yes, I tried the Occusoft eyelid scrub recommended in Dr. Nase's book. Like nearly everything, it stung me and made things worse. I can't use even olive oil soap on my eyelids--only water. I want to get this new "photocoagulation" treatment that Dr. Nase has written about on his website under "Hot Topic #6". However, it is going to be even harder to find a laser eye specialist to treat ocular rosacea than an IPL doctor for my face.


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                      Hot packs for ocular rosacea

                      I have also not worn mascara for years. It causes much irritation and misery. You might try lid scrubs with just a Qtip and water.

                      My Dr has me wrap a washcloth around a microwavable hot pack and heat it as hot as I can tolerate well. I use it until it cools down too much to help much any more. Then I use the warm wet wash cloth for lid scrubs. I do this twice a day and it keeps the OR under control most of the time with 50 mg Doxy daily.

                      Most of my lashes were gone, but many have grown back since I've been doing the hot packs... about 4 years now.



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                        I have a copy of an ancient Beauty Guide book from Cosmopolitan Magazine. It has a couple of dozen natural beauty recipes and ideas.

                        For nurturing eyelashes the book recommends castor oil applied with a tiny brush along your lash line before going to sleep. A tiny, tiny bit!
                        "It's all illusion anyway."


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                          Re: Hot packs for ocular rosacea

                          Originally posted by LaurieD
                          My Dr has me wrap a washcloth around a microwavable hot pack and heat it as hot as I can tolerate well. I use it until it cools down too much to help much any more. Then I use the warm wet wash cloth for lid scrubs. LaurieD
                          What is the purpose of heating the eyelids? I was going to look for some of those gel-paks that you put in the freezer, made for puffy eyelids. I thought they might cool my eyelids down when they flush.


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                            Using a hot compress loosens crusting of the eyelid, unblocks the meibomian glands and stimulates oil production. (copied that straight from "my bible"!! - Dr. Nase's book).

                            The problem with it, as you can imagine, is that it may cause a flush which you don't want. All you can do is try and see how it goes for you. I have heard of other rosaceans using this.

                            Recently, I saw my opthalmologist and he advised me to use hot compresses (use a microwaved wrapped potato or boiled egg or anything you can think of). He said it is the best way to relieve dry eye (in my case). For optimum results, though, you have to do it 3 or 4 times per day for 10 minutes each time. I haven't tried it yet but this is just another reason why Dr. Nase's book is so great. He tells you all sides of the story.