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Anyone on here have success with low carb, low sugar diet for ocular rosacea?

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  • Anyone on here have success with low carb, low sugar diet for ocular rosacea?

    Hi all!

    Just thinking about really going hardcore low sugar for ocular rosacea. Has anyone had success treating it using this diet? I know Brady Barrows said it helps and I believe him, just wanted to hear any user experiences?

    Or even other ways to treat it with success?


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    I got ocular rosacea too and ive been on a low sugar diet for 2weeks now, but sadly without any progress. I am going to try a low carb diet too, but thats hard since there are a lot of products with carbs in them. Did you already started your diet?



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      I went to a ophthalmologist and he told me when I got my rosacea in my face under control, the ocular rosacea will get better then too.



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        coconut oil

        I use coconut oil in the eyes and eyelashes, it sooths and is supposed to make the eyes an unfriendly environment. When I feel something in my eyes I use q-tips to pick it out.
        As previous person wrote, for me it gets better while treating other areas, especially eyebrows and between, temples, forehead.


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          For me it also helps to treat the hair and to change pillow case every day.


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            I've read now that Ivermectin/Stromectol could cure ocular rosacea.
            Perhaps coconut oil is only anti inflammatory/soothing and must be used with something else? Perhaps change to vaseline? I use TTO facial soap on lashes and am not so scared if my anti dandruff shampoo gets in my eyes.

            How's that low carb diet working out?


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              I went to a ophthalmologist


              I have tried a low carb for a while now. It didnt do **** while my rosacea was on the worst point of my life. My face was a mess, and I cried a lot. I went to the derm, she gave me doxycycline and in 3days my face was better what it has used to be. I think because of my no sugar low carb diet it even looked better than it used to be. But yeah, my eyes were still red as fack, even after the doxycycline. So I went to the ophthalmologist and he gave me three eyedrops:
              -ketotifen stulln unit dose - when i wake up and when i go to sleep
              -oculotect unidose - 6times a day
              -vidisic carbogel E.D.O. - when i go to sleep
              They didnt do ****.
              I was sad so I called the ophthalmologist again the next ~10days.
              I got: ''ALLERGIC fluormetolona 0.1% - suspension oftalmica - esteril''.
              First week I take 3drops per day. second week I take 2 drops per day. Then I take 1drop per day untill my next appointment.
              Guess what? After the first day my eyes got normal and its just a little tiny pink in it what people wont notice.

              low carbs helps for my skin not for my eyes

              GOOD LUCK with ur problem OP!


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                I was doing much better with the low carb diet and thought I could get away with adding back in dairy and gluten free grains. Not only did my rosacea come back, I am now sick. Every time I have grains or dairy my body rejects it.. I am glad to know that they are major triggers for me.


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                  Sorry, I just saw your response now.. I'm on a sort of low carb diet, keeping legumes (potatoes once in a while). That has probably helped, what I do know helped is the probiotic I use since my eyes felt great from one day to another and have continued to do so. I believe my problem was fungal overgrowth and not demodex so most of the things I tried like coconut oil (made it worse), neem, didn't work. I still don't use contacts or mascara, though, since that would be uncomfortable and make it worse.
                  No dairy or grains for me either


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                    Kill, what probiotic do you use?


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                      I do a modified paleo diet, taking out things like tomatoes that are common rosacea triggers. My eyes seem quite a bit better. I rarely cheat aside from very occassional gluten free grains and occassional red potatoes. I've also lost 126 pounds from eating this way. It helped my skin tremendously too, though I'm certainly not cured by any means.