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  • Chalazion issues

    During a very bad rosacea flare-up last December (it was son even commented on my oozing blister in the middle of Target...nice. ), I developed a stye. I haven't had one in ages, so I didn't think anything of it. After a week, it started to go away, but then came back. With a vengeance. It got bigger and bigger (had to stop wearing my contacts). My students and co-workers started asking me questions. Honestly, it was awful. I went to the doctor...who gave me prescriptions for doxycyline and metro-whatsit. Those helped my face, but not my eye. I went in to a ophthalmologist, who immediately diagnosed me with ocular rosacea and a chalazion. He gave me another prescription for a strong eye antibiotic, and told me to do lid scrubs and hot compresses at least 4 times a day for at least 10 minutes each. After three weeks, it just got worse. I went in again and had surgery to remove it. The shot to numb the thing was the easiest part. Not pleasant by any means, but not horrible. It did not, however, numb it enough. Apparently, my chalazion was not "normal". It was extremely large and had adhered to the surrounding tissue, making it very hard to remove. The doctor got as much of it out as possible, but did say that it would probably come back. It is now about half the size as before the surgery. I am continuing to use compresses (as often as I can, but sometimes I am too busy to get all four times in) as well as eyelid scrubs and antibiotics. I can see where the damned thing is clogged, but it refuses to unclog. It's terribly frustrating. I do not want to have to go back in for another surgery (I apparently have thin blood as well, so the past two surgeries that I have had they needed to apply pressure to the incision to stop bleeding). Any suggestions for getting this bastard out of my life? I would greatly appreciate any advice.

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    I have a Chalazion (2 years maybe?) the size of a pin head and I was asking about should I go get it removed. I think you've answered my question!!!

    Hope you're healed up by now!


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      Hi Kristn,

      Ive suddenly developed 7 chalazions in my eyes over 2 weeks
      Could you possibly provide an update on yours?

      Many thanks