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Ocular Rosacea, possible blepharitis, PLEASE HELP

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    Thera tears? Doctor recommended?

    Originally posted by Judworth View Post
    Hello Birdie,

    Thera tears artificial tears (which have no preservatives) are fabulous!

    Highly recommended!

    Two of my doctors have recommended Systane Balance and Refresh advanced optive. I really don't see or feel that much of a difference in the way my eyes feel. I think I might be allergic to them. I may go get me some Thera tears.


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      Dry eyes usually involve plugging of the oil-producing meibomian glands, and a resulting lipid deficiency in the surface fluids -- oil floats on water so it reduces evaporation of the watery tear-fluid. Here's article that lists some artificial tears that include oil, and shows how the products vary: http://optometrytimes.modernmedicine...ased-eye-drops This may help you choose a product that works best for you.


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        Rosacea blepharoconjunctivitis

        I'm so frustrated. I feel like I'm doing everything possible to keep the flare ups to a minimum, yet they're still happening. I take 100mg. Doxycycline daily, wash eyelashes/lid margins with the diluted baby shampoo, hot compresses, Systane balance, refresh advance optive, wear no eye makeup, no contacts, cetaphil moisturizer or Mary KAY oil free moisturizer, neutragena very sensitive facial wash, I have metrogel that I use occasionally, but not on eyes, change pillow cases, turn ceiling fan off, bought and use fancy humidifier, watching what I eat as far as acidic/spicy type stuff, no hot beverages, drinking more water, trying not to put my hands on my face or eyes, be careful how I use abrasive fabrics or brushes on face or eyes, ... then... I get to feeling a little better, start wearing a little eye makeup (bought new hypoallergenic) just eyeliner no mascara, have used a few pairs of daily accuview moist lenses for a few hours a week,.. gradually my eyes are comfortable enough to wear my contacts to work, .. then... after having a great Friday with nothing out of the ordinary, take contacts out by 3:09pm, get my shower and almost within 2-3 hours I'm getting the whole "flames of fire" feeling all around my eyes. I panicked and hurried to put metrogel on and didn't get it near my eyes so it didn't help that, but elsewhere it calmed my face down. It is almost time for my monthly menstration again and I am starting to believe the flare ups may be hormonally related? Maybe my birth control pills aren't the correct makeup of hormones that I need? Hell, don't know!!? Somebody tell me what I'm missing??? My ophthalmologist told me after I wrote her this same length of message, that I'm doing all the right things. She said, rosacea is chronic and so are dry eye problems. They're not going away, and expect them both to wax and wane(is what she called it) So this Wednesday I will finally go see a dermatologist. I haven't been able to see one since I was diagnosed with ocular rosacea. I'll be interested to hear what she has to say. Are there are specific questions that I need to ask while I'm there? This doctor will be new to me because my other one moved away. My other dermatologist told me that I have rosacea, take the doxy 50mg. A day. The ophthalmologist increased it to 100mg. Anyways, I'm rambling now. I appreciate any help or suggestions you all may have to offer. Thank you.


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          I have the exact same thing!! My eyes flare like clockwork ten days before my period and I have to use steroids. I'm trying a compounded testostorone cream and giving it 60 days. I think it may be partially hormonal for me anyway... I also take doxy, ocular steroids and Restasis.

          I haven't found an answer..


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            I always have something going on with my eyes no matter what time of the month it is. I was really down when I developed rosacea a few years ago but devastated when it started affecting my eyes about a year ago. I have given up on make-up now, because they just look worse with make up and when my eyes start watering it smudges all over the place. About 6 months ago I had stye after stye after stye, both inside the lids and outside, this lasted about 4 months and then they disappeared. Now I am getting the pinprick pustules on the top and bottom lids between the eyelashes. My eyes are always red at some point in the day. The thing that helped me the most was hot compresses, and I also keep a supply of Physiological Serum for babies which is sterile isotonic saline solution in single doses that can be carried around easily. They are great to give my eyes a wash out and cool them down if they are stinging or burning. I just hope they don't get worse as I can just about put up with it as it is.