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Blepharitis cured and disappeared for 15 years

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  • Blepharitis cured and disappeared for 15 years

    15 years ago when I was an adolescent I had very bad Blepharitis (Heavily crusted eyelids). I was told by my doctor to use the Optrex eye bath. I was sceptical as it runs in the family and because of how persistent Blepharitis is and how much hell it is to endure. However after about one month of using Optrex, (the standard original bottle, I think they have a few different brands now) twice daily. My Blepharitis was completely cured my eyelids were perfect and stayed that way for 15 years. I hardly need to need to describe the relief I experienced to anyone reading this post. I'm not sure if it will work for everyone as I think there are different strains of Blepharitis out there but if you haven’t tried it then give it a go. Its over the counter medicine in the UK. The Optrex eye bath always felt cooling and soothing when I used it, but if it irritates your eyes then you should probably stop using it. Like I said it worked for me, hopefully it will work for you.

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    So after you used this, the blepharitis is just gone? I may try this.. Do you have dry eye at all?


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      Thanks for posting what worked for you.

      I tried the Optrex Eye Wash (several months ago) and it did nothing for my Blepharitis. I only did it before bedtime (1 x per day) and I only used it for 1 week. So maybe the key is 2 x per day and for a much longer period.

      It did not make my eyes worse, and it is relatively cheap, so worth a try I imagine.