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  • Just wanted to share.

    Hi there. i have both rosacea on my face and ocular rosacea. I have tried many many things over the last few years to relieve the symptoms which has been expensive and frustrating. I am yet to find that (miracle) product for my skin, but just wanted to share that I have had complete and continued relief of my symptoms of ocular rosacea by using Sterilid by Thera Tears. I highly recommend giving it a try. I use it at night and my eyes feel and look almost 100% better. Best of luck and would love to hear of any other successes.

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    Do you have any connection with the Thera Tears company?


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      Absolutely not. It's called giving back. As a long time reader and first time poster of this are welcome.


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        Originally posted by taffy100 View Post
        Absolutely not. It's called giving back. As a long time reader and first time poster of this are welcome.
        Interesting - thanks - will have to give it a try. What ocular rosacea symptoms did you have and it gave relief too?

        I have mostly Blepharitis type symptoms - irritated eyelids, increased watering/tearing, etc....

        I have had early good results with Ocusoft Plus lid scrubs although it is tough to tell because I have been on a light steroid drop (soon to come off of it).


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          Hi Captain,

          It took several years of chalazions, styes and watery eyes before I finally got diagnosed with Ocular Rosacea (around the same time my face showed obvious symptoms too).

          I tried the baby shampoo daily, hot (wet) compresses, hot wheat bags all of which seemed to make my condition worse.

          My specialist prescribed a week of steroid eye drops as my eyes were terribly inflammed and encouraged me to use warm compresses, Thera Tears fish oil and Thera Tears Sterilid routinely. By a process of elimination I realised the compresses definitely made my condition worse, I'm not sure the fish oil helped (I no longer take it) but after the week of steroids helped the initial inflammation die down a bit the sterilid proved to be oustanding in the continued maintenance of my condition. I use it once a day before bed. I no longer hide behind dark glasses, my eyes look normal, hooray!! It's also worth noting that I change my mascara regularly and use Loreal Telescopic clean definition which is easily removed at night. I have been enjoying clear eyes now for at least a year. i do hope this is helpful


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            Thanks for the info.

            re: "I realised the compresses definitely made my condition worse". You are about the 4th or 5th case I've heard having this experience, and it makes be feel better because it seems to make my eyes worse. I really tried to do it because almost any credible treatment reference for Blepharitis characterizes this as necessary to improve the condition. When I do it my vision is cloudy for about 10 min after the warm compress. The next morning I have much more crusty and goo in my eyes. When I don't do it, my eyes are watery but seem less irritated.

            I am taking Omega 3 fish oil supplements but I am not 100% sure they are doing anything. They are not hurting so I will give it a couple of months.


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              That's pretty amazing you can be free of symptoms with the lid cleanser. I have tried it in the past , maybe I will try again! Did it clear red veins in your eyes to? Do you use any drops? Diet? Lol

              Just want my eyes clear and pretty again! Congrats!


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                Hi Faith1989, I don't use any drops anymore and I don't follow any particular diet to help with the condition. It's pretty amazing considering my eye doctor thought I was going to be left with permanent scarring on my upper eyelids as my eyes were that bad. I would say my eyes looked a lot less red when I stopped using hot compresses. My entire routine now is just washing face with cetaphil, using the sterilid and making sure I change my mascara regularly. I'm not suggesting this routine is the answer for everyone or you should stop with the compresses, but I am sooooooo happy I found something that helped. I hope you find relief from this terrible condition too and get your "pretty" eyes back


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                  Taffy, I also like Sterilid and Thera tears and I'm so glad you found the right combo for you! The evidence shows that baby shampoo is too harsh for our eyes so that should no longer be recommended by your eye doctors. In the past it was thought that was a helpful way to cleanse your lids and lashes.

                  Captain and anyone else reading- if you find warm compresses are not helping or exacerbating symptoms definitely stop doing them. Remember every person is unique and what helps some might make it worse for another. I recommend taking omega 3 supplements if you are not getting a good amount in your diet. It really can help but make sure the supplement you are taking is not aggravating your symptoms. I find that dry supplements (as opposed to the gel like supplements) are best for me.

                  Good luck everyone and best wishes for continued success Taffy.