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  • Vitamin A Drops!

    Has anyone tried using Vitamin A drops? If so, did it help? I have been reading an article on Vitamin A drops and how it helps with dry eyes, inflammation, conjunctivitis, blurred vision, etc. Maybe we have a vitamin A deficiency?? One of the first signs of vitamin deficiency is problems with your vision/eyes.

    From the Article...

    Signs You May Need More Vitamin A

    There are some signs that you can look for to determine if you might not be getting enough vitamin A. There are many things to look for which might suggest that your body requires more vitamin A Betacarotene. Some of these signs include:

    *A diet that is very rich in fat.
    *Working at the computer for extended periods of time.
    *Spending extended periods of time in front of the television.
    -Vitamin A aids in offsetting some of the toxic effects from radiation emitted from home appliances.
    *Working under artificial light sources.
    *Working or spending extended amounts of time in an environment with a large amount of pollution or cigarette smoke.

    I know I work at the computer a lot, watch tv, work under artificial lights, etc...My biggest trigger are artificial lights (fluorescent lights, computer screens, etc). I wonder if the drops or just taking more Vitamin A would help? Anyone increase their Vitamin A and had good results?

    Link to article

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    I haven't tried it but it sure sounds interesting. I have those eye problems you mention and I also spend a lot of time at the computer and watching tv...


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      This thread from the Rosacea Support Forum about vitamin A is worth a read:


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        Nice post, thanks for sharing such a nice information.