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Finding Good information for Blepharitis and Eye Allergies

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  • Finding Good information for Blepharitis and Eye Allergies

    Dear All,

    Three different ophthalmologists diagnosed me with Blepharitis and prescribed the usual treatment regimen including eyelid scrubs, steroid drops, etc.

    Unfortunately, it only got worse over the years. My eyes were always red - my co-workers probably thought I was drinking or smoking (I wasn’t). Dark bags under my eyes made me look 20 years older than I was, it was terrible.

    After suffering for five years I decided to read everything that I could find on Blepharitis and found two guides that changed my life! The first was an ebook written by Dr. Banerji called “How to treat Blepharitis & Eye Allergies and live symptom free”. I found it at The second was written by Dr. Latkany on dry eyes.

    After reading these two books, I actually made an appointment in NYC to see Dr. Latkany. It turns out that while my symptoms were that of Blepharitis, eye allergies was the primary cause and was contributing to my problem. I then tackled my eye allergies with the help of an allergist and an allergy shot regimen, and after six months am finally living symptom free!

    Since everyone is a little different, finding comprehensive information is important. That is why I wanted to tell everyone about these two guides and start a thread where everyone can list other good information sources that they have found.

    I truly wish the same relief that I have achieved, for everyone that reads this posting.
    Blessings to all,
    Christine A, Florida.

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    So what allergies? mites? Can you tell us? I don't feel like paying for another lost cause sorry.