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red irritated eyelids.... NEED SOME HELP PLEASE

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  • red irritated eyelids.... NEED SOME HELP PLEASE

    Hello my nam is Brian and I am a 29 year old male who has had rosacea since about 17 years old. I started noticing that my eyes would become slightly irritated a little bit easier than everyone else when I was in highshcool. slowly over time my eyes seemed to become more and more irritated. Now for the past year and a half my eyelids as well as the margins have been red, swollen and irritated almost all of the time. I believe the red swollen and irritated eyelids are increasing the amount of redness and problems with the eyes themselves. I have learned to deal with my facial redness with a little green tinted daily sunscreen/moistuizer but the red irritated eyes have completely devastated me. I don't even feel like going out in public anymore because of the red eyes and swollen eyelids, not even to mention the incredible physical discomfort.

    For treatments I have been on oral doxycycline 100mg twice per day for the past 1.5 years. I'm not sure if this is helping much. I have been taking two omega three liquid gels daily which contain fish oil and flaxseed oil. I'm not sure if this is helping much either. I am using non preservative tears about twice per day also. Not sure if this is working. I have been using Restasis twice per day now for about two months. Not sure if this is working. My eyes seem to continue to be more and more irritated each month, I don't know what to do and I am desperate for any remedy or surgical procedure possible. I am willing to do anything to help my disheartening situation. If anybody else has had success in dealing with a similar type oclular rosacea or has any ideas or reccomendations please let me know. Thanks

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    Hi Brian,
    I am so sorry you are suffering with this and hopefully you can find relief soon.
    Ocular rosacea can be a complex issue with many areas to be addressed for alleviation of symptoms. You are doing lots correct right now with the doxy, preserv-free tears, Restasis and addition of omega 3's to your diet. All this is helpful. Now you must also address the swollen and red lid issue as well as any additional signs/symptoms.

    You might want to add lid massages and lid cleansing and warm compresses into your routine twice a day as well as increasing the frequency of preservative-free tears to at least 4x a day to every 2 hours if you can do that.
    In addition cool compresses can be very helpful to soothe your lids and provide some relief.
    If your symptoms get to be more moderate to severe you may want to consider an antibiotic/steroid drop combination. However, that would be determined by your eye doctor.

    Please read these links when you can to see the reasons behind this as well as to get more useful info and additional treatment ideas. Also, you should find an eye doctor well versed in treating ocular rosacea for best results.


    Hope this helps and please ask any questions you may have.
    Welcome to the RF.

    Best wishes,


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      hey thanks I will try this and will read your links thoroughly. I am desperate and willing to try everything. I am trying to fight the good fight but some days it is difficult to put on a happy face when you are in pain. More suggestions or personal stories of your treatment of occular rosacea are greatly appreciated from anybone who reads this. Thanks