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Botox helping my flushing (!)

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    Originally posted by Jamoverton View Post
    I'm going to check out more about Morbihan's as it does seem related- I've always felt that the swelling/edema I have causes my flushing (and not the other way around) for some reason.
    We have a post on Morbihan's.
    Brady Barrows
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      Originally posted by Brady Barrows View Post
      Thanks Brady!


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        This was a very interesting thread to read.

        Laser Cat, the referencing of the lymphatic system is not something I had read before. Do you have any links to any particular articles you were looking at? I find that lying down makes my ears and nose flush and in the mornings my nose is a bit swollen. This makes sense if its a build up of fluid that the lymphatic system is not draining properly.

        I've just started using Mirtazapine and it helps for the flushing in bed but if anything seems to make flushing in the day worse. Possibly because my body feels like it has to flush at some point. I was taking oxybutynin which I think helped a bit but didnt stop me flushing at night.