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Botox helping my flushing (!)

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    Originally posted by Jamoverton View Post
    I'm going to check out more about Morbihan's as it does seem related- I've always felt that the swelling/edema I have causes my flushing (and not the other way around) for some reason.
    We have a post on Morbihan's.
    Brady Barrows
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      Originally posted by Brady Barrows View Post
      Thanks Brady!


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        Originally posted by laser_cat View Post
        Yeah I think it's super interesting too. I know someone whose flushing (post-facial?) was cured with 50 mg doxy (!) What!?!?
        I have severe severe flushing so oracea didn't do anything but i have a doc now who realizes at least i need to be maxing out these drugs in terms of doses. So I'm on 200 mg doxy. I noticed a difference with the first couple doses but it has plateaued. I'm all set up to trial low dose accutane. Because the doxy indicates inflammatory rosacea pathology as per my doc which indicates accutane could help + be more powerful.
        I read somewhere on how the lymphatics might get impaired or overwhelmed from trauma. No one really knows yet how the lymphatics work but have been reading about it and really think that's the underlying root of a lot of rosacea (not able to heal possibly due to already overwhelmed lymphatics..) including ear burning.

        Anyway hope the doxy continues to help. I'm sorry that happened to you after IPL's.

        I'll come back to post accutane and what my results are. I was diagnosed with neuro rosacea but actually think I'm heading into Morbihan's (very subtle) - full dose doxy and accutane (more so accutane) being the mainstay treatments to help lymph drainage. unfortunately i have can't take doxy and accutane together. I was told doxy peaks in a couple months as far as efficacy.

        Why the F was I never rx'ed full dose doxy ... oh man. On doxy I can have a conversation and not flush or get hot. My doc told me I am going to take 100 mg doxy for life (I guess after accutane or independent of accutane) because i think he thinks it might slow down any progression. And I'm more than happy to do so honestly.

        Thanks for sharing Laser_Cat. I always appreciate your posts, as I feel I have very similar symptoms to you.

        As someone that also suffers more from the 24/7 burning sensations, and flushing/blushing, I'm surprised after all the neuro-focused treatments you've tried, that 200mg Doxy has been the medication or treatment that has given you the most relief.

        I tried Doxy back about 7 years ago when I was first diagnosed, but didn't really feel much of a benefit from it. I was also very new to this at the time, and didn't know what I know now about Rosacea. I don't recall the dosage I was on, but I think it was your typical first line of defense dosage, likely 40mg.

        Do you think 200mg is worth a try? Were you ever on 40mg, and noticed no affect, but 200mg made a significant difference?

        I've also never tried low dose Accutane, as the horror stories have scared me away. But the super low does, like 5-10mg per week interest me. Is that what you may try next?


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          This was a very interesting thread to read.

          Laser Cat, the referencing of the lymphatic system is not something I had read before. Do you have any links to any particular articles you were looking at? I find that lying down makes my ears and nose flush and in the mornings my nose is a bit swollen. This makes sense if its a build up of fluid that the lymphatic system is not draining properly.

          I've just started using Mirtazapine and it helps for the flushing in bed but if anything seems to make flushing in the day worse. Possibly because my body feels like it has to flush at some point. I was taking oxybutynin which I think helped a bit but didnt stop me flushing at night.