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Extrem hot flushing advice?

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  • Extrem hot flushing advice?

    Hi guys, has passed about 2 months since my face started to turn red. At the beginning it was always red but now is way better, almost normal in the morning except when… FLUSHING. It started to happen always by the time of the lunch and I got a lot red and 2 hours later I’m fine again. Now looks like I am losing control, I went to the doctor and I’m taking anti-histamine but is not helping… Today I had a math test (I’m 17 years old by the way) I thought before it would happen and it did! Stress? After that, still in the morning, I was still recovering from the first flush (the face stays red for a while) and it happened again! I’m not used to this… I've realized that a warm room is the main trigger to start the flush, when I feel the face starting to get hot I try to get colder but it just does not work!!! When is starts I just goes and is like nothing can stop it, besides the bad looking of course it feels really hot. I need to see a dermatologist again, until that, any advice?

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    A lot of us are suffering from flushing after meal, especially in the evening - don't know why (?)

    It must be some link between rosacea and nutrition.


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      weather + hormones + environment + nutrition + psychological stress or instability + genes, are all related to rosacea... I guess you have to find the balance between those that best fits you. Avoid triggers, try to research, get blood tests done I hope you get better!!!


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        what kind of tests?


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          I am going to the GP next week and I made a list of the test I want to do. This is the list so far that I made:
          Dermodex mites
          IgG IgE antibodies
          breath test
          bowel test
          histamine int
          leaky gut syndr
          glucose int
          H pylori
          celiac dis

          I reccomend you analyze your diet and see what you react to for a while, analyze which individual food does something to you, and what it does, + other tests, for example Celiac disease-gluten intolerance, might be lurking in the shadow without you knowing, when actually that is what is triggering your rosacea, amongst others. Or maybe you are allergic to some other foods that you have no idea about. In some other cases it might be bacterias in the stomach-intestines, or hormone disbalance (more common in women, but also possible in men)


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            Thank you so much for your speedy reply.

            I have got a problem with my nose because it is getting red after meal, especially in the evening (no matter what I eat).

            I have ordered enzymes online because I think it might be the key. We will see. I have also ordered vitamin D and pau d'arco.

            Let us know about your laboratory tests.