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Demodex mites? TTO? Brain seizures? No mirvaso. . .Tried Propranaolol. . . . .

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  • Demodex mites? TTO? Brain seizures? No mirvaso. . .Tried Propranaolol. . . . .

    Hey, I joined here a long time ago but I usually just lurk. . .and lurk.
    I have been battling Subtype 1 since I was 15, now 23 years old. Slowly yet surely my permanent redness and flushing it getting worse.

    I have received IPL treatments which had no effect. However Vbeam laser treatments I find very beneficial. But this flushing! gah this flushing!

    I was recently diagnosed with sever Hyperthryroid which causes me heart problems. I was on propranenol (sp?) to lower my heart rate, had no effect on my rosacea and so far treating my hyperthyroid with Methimazole isnt helping, not making it worse or better. . .or maker my flushing worse idk.

    I recently starting putting organic non filtered ACV on my face and taking shots of it and it has finally made some sort of difference, I still flush like a mofo but the over all redness has gone down.

    I have had very bad black heads all over, that would never ever go away, ever no peel no stripe no nothing had gotten rid of them but recently been using sulfur soap has had positive results. Only sulfur has had any impact on my black heads of doom!

    My question is: Does this mean that it is possibly demodex mites causing my rosacea?

    I actually had never heard of them before a few days ago, I was googleing "night time skin crawls". Doing the day my face Itches minimally, mostly just my eyebrows sometimes lashes. But at night when I didnt fall asleep fast enough my face starts to itch and crawl, I have shot up out of bed and looked in the mirror thinking i would see bed bugs or fleas all over my fave but see nothing. I was searching with google chrome which tries to relate my searches and it started bringing up stuff about the mites and rosacea, so my personal research on the little buggers is just beginning.

    I thought the mites caused the bumps and pimples. I actually have very little acne if any at all and never had a problem with acne in my life. But the fact that the ACV and Sulfur helping my redness make me think it is them? right?

    Any Subtype 1 flushers "cured" their rosacea through killing the mites?

    I have a derm apt coming up because I wanted a Mirvaso prescription, that is no longer happening, but I am still going to go see her and ask some questions. . . . .

    Should I start TTO?

    Sidenote: I recently had an EEG done, I was diagnosed with ADD back in the day because I space out. They found the left side of my brain has a lower frequency. Abnormal but completely non-conclusive results, could be brain cancer, brain tumor, or seizures, since I have had the "problem" for so long with no symptoms of the first two they aren't too worried anyone else had weird brain patterns and Rosacea type 1?

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    Are they definitely blackheads and not sebaceous filaments? These are often confused - SFs are a normal part of the skin architecture, their appearance can be minimised but not eliminated.

    I think the problem is that no treatment/ topical active has only one mechanism of action. Tea tree oil for example is anti fungal, anti bacterial, anti inflammatory AND anti parasitic - it might be useful due to any one or more of these. I know little to nothing about how sulphur works so cannot comment on that. AFAIK we cannot feel the mites moving around, any crawling sensation is an anomaly related to irritation and perhaps different skin/ body temperature at night..

    Unfiltered vinegar is obviously acidic which can be beneficial - the acid mantle is part of the skin's barrier function - and presumably still has some of the residues of the fermentation process in. Some research suggests fermentation may increase antioxidant and anti inflammatory activity: scroll down here for links to four published studies. I am currently working on adding Korean fermented skincare products to my routine for this very reason (I have the papulopustular subtype but flushing/ hypersensitivity is my main issue).

    There are various links on Reddit about Demodex mites, inflammatory rosacea and tea tree oil, including in the comments of each thread.
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      Thank you for the reply! I went ahead and got Hollywood Beauty Tea Tree Oil which actually has a good number pf things in it like Aloe and Rosehip which my skin loves so we'll see if this has any benefit, dabbed on a light layer two hours ago so far no more redness than usual after washing my face and my face feels cool.

      Please let me know how the fermented skin care works out for you particularly about the flushing, very interesting!