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Condition is progressing:(

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  • Condition is progressing:(

    Up until now I've really only had a silver dollar-sized dark red spot on each cheek.
    But now I'm noticing general overall redness appearing everywhere. Yippee!

    I want to make sure im thoroughly understanding everything I've read on this forum-
    are my only treatment options for the diffuse redness light/laser therapy and trigger/diet control?

    That is, would I be wasting my time with topicals like metro, oracea etc? I'm assuming those only help with P&P's...

    I know we have mirvaso as an option but I'm not going to attempt that.

    I kind of feel like I can't do anything to help my self except wait for things to get worse!

    Feeling pretty low today.

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    I should add that the last derm I saw offered me a topical prescription, which left me a bit perplexed.


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      Originally posted by gazoo View Post
      I should add that the last derm I saw offered me a topical prescription, which left me a bit perplexed.
      People on this board with troublesome rosacea have generally had most success not with laser (read all the negative reviews) or antibiotics, but with the following either individually or in combination. You may find exceptions and people with more mild versions of rosacea who find oracea etc helpful. But for moderate to severe rosacea the best medications are as follows:
      clonidine or moxonodine (not both as they perform a similar blood pressure reducing function)
      add to that mirtzapine if the above doesnt work by itself
      if none of those work then anti malarials - plaquenil or mepacrine in addition to blood pressure medication

      If you combine these with a low carbohydrate diet you have the best chance of stopping the condition progressing.


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        Thanks for the reply. I will look into these. Blood pressure lowering meds kind of scare me though.

        I did IPL and at the time, last April, all I had was a small red area on one cheek. I truly believe that the IPL set my condition off.