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Can anyone recommend an excellent derm in Toronto, Canada ...please?

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  • Can anyone recommend an excellent derm in Toronto, Canada ...please?

    Hello all -

    It's wendykay again. Have been off the board for a while because I was struggling and tired of hearing myself complain. Well, I am still struggling but starting my first IPL treatment tomorrow. I am also going to purchase the RLT system from IowaDavid. I am scared about the IPL but hope for the best. Have signed up for 6 sessions. My biggest complain is burning, constant inflammation and now more pores becoming quite enlarged. My skin texture is slowly changing to that orange peel look we often refer to. I have seen many derms over the years but stil find this board the most informative and helpful place to be. Still I am hoping for a much more helpful derm.

    Is anyone out there from Toronto? Can you recommend a great derm in the city or greater Toronto area. I will go whereever I have to. Any help would be so very much appreciated.

    I have stared using Decleour as recommended by a person on this board and it is indeed very gentle. For that I am very thankful.

    Also, not sure if this is appropriate but if anyone out there is from Toronto and would like to connect and/or exchange helpful tips, it would be great to connect with you.

    Also, can anyone suggest what can be used for the pain of rosacea? I am going to ask my derm next week but thought someone else could help.

    Thanks to you all for being there.


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    Hi and welcome back

    I'm not from Canada, but I"ve been on the board for a long time and I believe there was a clinic in Toronto that a lot of people liked. I think they did vbeam though. You can check the search engine here. Also is active in Canada and you might get some leads there. Best of luck


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      hi, i'm in Toronto and I've been to the Baywood Clinic and had 4 or 5 V beam treatments by Dr. Chan. I think she's very good and honest. I have about 2 treatments a year and take clonidine for flushing, which is related to perimenopause for me.

      I recommend her. It's not inexpensive, but she performs the procedure herself and has been doing so for a long time. I always felt I was in good hands.

      Happy to answer any questions. c

      PS Dr. Chan is a physician - an endocrinologist (but not practicing as one at the moment), not a derm. She's an expert (doctor) on skin and other treatments not covered by OHIP
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        Just wanted to bump this thread to see if there were any good Derm recomendations for Toronto.

        I've heard good things about DLK on avenue and the acne and rosacea clinic.

        Would be good to hear from others though