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cheap and effective ipl in milw, wi

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  • cheap and effective ipl in milw, wi

    Hey all, nice to find this forum. This truly is a lonely disease when you dont know anybody else with it.

    If you live in or around Milwaukee, WI and are interested in IPL I would suggest you check out Cosmetic and Plastic Surgury Specialists in Wauwatosa. The machine is new (appears to be one of the best from what I have read on the rosacea sites, but I forget the name now), and the low cost of the procedure will make your wallet happy... I hate to quote prices, because they may vary, but I will tell you that for me it was no more than a bi-weekly trip to the grocery store (Im a college guy, so do the math ). The aestician (yes not a dr, I know that may turn off some), is very willing to try new things and read up on any Dr. Nase theory I brought in. I had no problem getting her to do filters and energy levels that I wanted done.

    So pretty much I treated myself, but as Im sure we have all discovered by now: drs (Nase and few others excluded) dont know jack about this disease or its effective treatment. So read up, get smart, and come prepared and knowlegable


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    Re: cheap and effective ipl in milw, wi

    Originally posted by rambo23
    ... and the low cost of the procedure will make your wallet happy...
    how much did you have to pay?


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      just had a question about how many passes they gave you for each treatment. Also was wondering if this machine was possibly the Lumenis One.

      Thanks since I live in Milwaukee are I will check this place out


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        HI. I was wondering how you've made out over the years with you Rosacea. I see your last post was several years ago. I was just diagnosed with Rosacea and have had some significant symptoms of flushing. Has any additional treatment been helpful for you?