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  • Anyone in Utah?

    I'm moving to Utah soon and was wondering if anyone had a dermatologist they would recommend? I have severe flushing of my face, ears and chest (so bad I've been diagnosed at NYU with erythromelalgia, with secondary rosacea). I'm struggling to manage the daily flushing, along with pustules and constant build-up on my face (seborrheic dermatitis-like, though it has not responded much to anti-yeast meds). I've had some success with laser, and have been referred to Mark Taylor there for laser procedures. But if anyone has suggestions for a good medical derm knowledgable in these areas, it would be much appreciated! I'll be near Salt Lake City but could travel for a good derm. Thanks!

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    Just wanted to try reposting this, in case it might catch the eye of someone with suggestions. So far, I went to one really bad and unsympathetic dermatologist. I'm sure there must be someone in Utah with experience in facial erythromelalgia/extreme flushing rosacea--just need to find them.... Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks!