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Anyone here from Toronto? New Meetup Group Plan

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  • Anyone here from Toronto? New Meetup Group Plan

    I'm thinking of starting a new social group on meetup for people who have rosacea to meet up and do some fun activities together. It will give us a chance to talk about things that bother us and help each other get a grip on this disease whilst talking about other things and making friends of course. Since moving here from the UK I've been thinking of this and since my job is demanding and I also exercise quite a lot my social life has been next to zero. If you're in Toronto (downtown or GTA) let me know and I'll provide details for the support group I'm planning to create.

    People from outside Toronto can also join of course lol if you don't mind making the trip to the Queen City.


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    Meet up group in Toronto

    I would absolutely love to join. I tried this about a year ago but it did not gather interest. Please keep me posted.



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      Toronto Support Group Launched

      Hello all,

      As promised, I have set up a meet up group (on Big Tent) called the Toronto Self-Esteem Support group, with the intention being to help those who suffer from rosacea learn how to deal/cope with it. I will be responsible for it but will be happy to receive some help from people in the area.

      Great news is that it's been 6 weeks and everyone is saying my skin looks great- I'd like to help as many people get to that. Bad news, of course, is that my personal life is a wreck and I still have a couple of other issues going. Hence, I thought since stress, depression, and rosacea tend to be connected, I'll make "self-esteem support" the objective.

      It should be running under "Toronto Self-Esteem Support" in

      If you can't access it then I'll probably move it to Wish you all the very best!