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    Hello, I have just joined forum and would like to know if anyone has ever tried dead sea products. I have had Rosacea on my face and neck since my baby was born three years ago and have tried various products to try to calm it down but nothing has worked.
    I live in Cape Town and at the airport the other day I was approached by a Obey your Body consultant, I have read a lot since then about this product and people who have been accosted in malls airports etc by these sales people, but they have one specific product the guy told me would definitely work, the Magnitude Mask. Thing is it costs an absolute BOMB !! R5000 to be precise from him but I have found I can buy it off Amazon for way way less, before I do though I wanted to know if anyone ever heard of this product or used it ?
    Will appreciate any replies and love the fact I have found a place to get advise from people who know how awful this condition is and the lengths we are prepared to go to get rid of it.

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    Hi, no never heard of said mask.

    Maybe they'll give you a sample -- if it's that sure to work, then they should let you try it for free, or try it "money back, no questions asked". After all, if it works -- you're a customer!
    "It's all illusion anyway."


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      I went to check out the product -- Magnitude Mask and saw it at amazon. Said $28.16. I thought, "well, that's not expensive."

      Then I saw it says, "You save $251.83; 90% discount"

      There you go, if you're interested have a look at amazon. It has 2 shining reviews and one helluva price.

      Very interesting.
      "It's all illusion anyway."


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        Boots carry a good selection of Dead Sea products (I think they're called Dead Sea Source but am not sure), anyway the bigger stores should have them and my friend loves them!


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          The Magnitude products from this company form a different range to the Dead Sea range.


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            Never tried it before, but I think that i would like to, who knows maybe it can really help. Generally because i think that if it belong to natural it can actually work so far...