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RTIT dumps Nase

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    Originally posted by phlika29 View Post
    I agree with Steve. It is most definitely time to move on.
    Hi Sarah,

    The dilemma is that the fellow is still on the 'net and he uses his Website to lure people in for his own personal gain. While I acknowledge that's what commerce is all about, he doesn't package himself that way. He promotes himself as the savior to all with rosacea. He uses duplicative and deceitful tactics. He is a predator.

    I'm not going to rattle the cage out of boredom, but I am going to comment when it's merited. While I respect your request that it is time to move on, and I will on this thread, I will call out a sanctimonious post.

    Kind regards,

    Happiness is a choice.


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      I see both points of view certainly but do feel that Peter is quite right in bringing people's attention to all of this and I wholly support the freedom to post your thoughts (in a non-violent manner) which is exactly what's being done.


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        I have accepted a position to personally treat rosacea sufferers in Indianapolis with: (1) Multi-plexed lasers, (2) Green Light Therapy that physically removes damaged blood vessels & 'calms' down hyper-reactive vessels , and (3) Microiontophoresis in combination with Sonophoresis; these physically heal the upper dermal layers as well as turn off inflammatory enzymes key to rosacea redness and flushing.
        This was the logical next step for my career and a very exciting opportunity as it is a partnership with two Dermatologists from Medical Academia and it allows me to utilize multiple treatment modalities in a truly collaborative effort to address all 5 rosacea subtypes and symptoms.
        Medical Academia was where I started my career and through my travels and learning experiences, it has always been the place best suited for my training due to the technology, collaboration, sharing of information, cultivating relationships within multiple medical disciplines, and the resultant grants and publications.
        Must still be reading this thread. He's no longer a 'fellow' dermatologist.


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          Don't worry he will be reading every word written despite what he says. This is an extract from a nonsensical post he managed to make on here last year which the Moderators removed.

          "Every blue moon when I look in and read your posts I see growing hostility. The language, the hatred, and the revenge. You did a great job of diverting your problems by trying to shift them to me. That's a great tactic but the only followers are weak-minded who really dont think for themselves. The five of you can use your fake names and continue to post to one another."

          Usual lies. Not sure what problems I am suppose to have but I would suggest he concentrates on his own for a change. The only fake names I know about were either his or some of his supporters or shall I say ex-supporters.

          a partnership with two Dermatologists from Medical Academia

          I don't believe that unless he has asked his paper boy and the guy from the local pizza parlour to pretend they are Derms? Or it could be Jordon and his Mom helping out again? Seriously no professional person in their right mind would want to be seen within a hundred miles of him, let alone be involved in any collaboration or business venture. Look at the list of the ones we know about who appeared to have dumped him once they realised he was crazy - Soldo, Darm, Crouch, Sy, Sher and now Nielson. I suspect there are a lot more names we do not know about and do not forget to add to the list, this Rosacea Forum, the RSG and the ESFB who have also kicked him out.

          Anyway no doubt there will be more lies forthcoming in the days to come. In the unlikely event he is allowed to treat a human being in Indiana then there is a good chance someone will be able to take a photo of him, which should prove interesting. I'm still waiting for the snap he promised last year? Did anybody see those AAD articles? By the way he is not a member of the American Academy of Dermatology.

          "Sincerely Peter I would spend a little more time focusing on your own problems than trying to sling mud up against the wall and try to make somthing stick. I am actively helping people. I am actively writing journal articles for the American Academy of Dermatology. BTW, there is a recent close up digital photo that you can go through with a fine tooth comb directly at the top of the article. You will find no rosacea, you will find that I am extremely fit -- Six foot -- 188 pounds. This will be out August 1st."

          The word on the street is that he still has rosacea and weighs 265 pounds which by my calculations is nearly 19 stone.

          Anyway I shall forward his latest updates to a contact I now have, as I am sure they will be very interested in his new career venture.

          By the way if anybody wants to complain about Nase, here is that online form again:




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            Originally posted by Munch Ausen View Post
            Must still be reading this thread. He's no longer a 'fellow' dermatologist.
            Just checked it again today at 1630 UK time and he is obviously no longer having a career change, as all that text has disappeared from his site? Perhaps the two dermatolgists dumped him as well - you know the ones that probably never existed in the first place. Maybe he has to try and invent something more convincing - that could be tricky though given all we have found out over the last week or so. Can't wait for the next thrilling update


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              My mistake it was on there but probably moved? Could have sworn it was on the latest updates or hot topics pages? Old news now I suppose.

              What a mess that site is - blank pages, gaps and blind links. Probably a result of moving all that garbage off that was on there plus of course no more RTIT to advertise.


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                  Where did that come from, Monte?
                  Currently trying: Apr 06 Bee Wilder's Candida (natural healing) Diet; May 06 Home made red LED array; Aug 06 ZZ ointment.


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                    I was one of those who almost got suckered into going to the clinic. I gave them my info and had a discussion with both Nielson and Nase. Thanks to this forum I never went...

                    I received this in the mail yesterday.....I suppose Nielson is reaching out to those that Nase scarred away in hopes of having them reconsider.


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                      Hello Monte

                      Thanks for putting up the message from Nielson.

                      Sounds like business is bad to me if he has to resort to that type of communication? Plus it also seems a convenient way of saying he got rid of Nase and is attempting to remove any lasting connections, so that maybe people are tempted back. I can’t see that the treatments will be any different though and Nielson is still primarily an ETS surgeon as opposed to the “Rosacea Laser Treatment Specialist” he is advertising himself as.

                      There are three recent debunking Nase site updates which cover recent events and are well worth a read.