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Nase is a criminal and mentally ill...Hope everyone reads this!

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  • Nase is a criminal and mentally ill...Hope everyone reads this!


    It is not my intention to start a menace thread, but just to relay my own experience with Dr Nase and caution those who might be considering seeking his advice, or more directly paying for a consultation, product etc through his website.
    When I posted on this forum initially back in late 2008, I was desperate enough to pay Dr Nase for a consultation regarding treatment for my Rosacea. I stopped Accutane after a huge flair and becoming very vasoreactive. This was the start of my flushing. minocycline and numerous IPL treatments brought it under control, but after a year or so the minocycline seemed to give up and I had a significant increase in oiliness. To cut a long story short, my Dermatologist and I battled to keep my Rosacea under control and finally decided to throw some prednisone at it(a tapered dose over 3 months). Although this was the 'Holy Grail', I was really reluctant to stay on it because of the bad press of steroids and Rosacea. Anyway, I was upset and desperate enough to seek "professional advice" and paid over $US175 for a consultation with Dr Nase. The money was debited from my account promptly but I received an automated reply with a form to fill out and send back. I had no response from him for 6 weeks despite sending several emails asking where my consultation was. Finally I submitted a complaint through the Indiana Consumers Protection Department. Then I started receiving e mails from Dr Nase, with every excuse as to why he hadnt got back to me, trouble, he never received the form to start his consultation...blah blah. I persevered with my complaint requesting a refund and the CPD ruled in my favour and instructed him to return my money. I received numerous emails then from him, with a string of excuses but when I informed him I was pursuing full reimbursement he turned sour, started accusing me of being in a conspiracy with Peter Waters and Nase Watch. Then he threatened that he would only pay back the money if i had no communication with Peter or Nase Watch and agree not to post any negative feedback regarding him on any forum. The refund never came. The CPD gave him clear instructions to repay the fee, and he lied to them about already sending me a cheque, then he agreed to send a money order which also never arrived and finally he claimed he had tried unsuccessfully to credit my Visa Account. Finally he sent the CPD an email that he was going out of town to visit a sick relative and he stopped responding to them as well. He subsequently started another website giving a contact number and I passed that onto the CPD. Still he refused to refund the money and stopped communicating with them. I received a formal letter from about a month ago, from them stating that they had been unsuccessful in resolving the matter after a year and they were closing the file.
    ..........So it is my aim simply to inform you all so that you dont get caught out the same as I did. After my experience I have no faith in the integrity of this man, and would caution anyone purchasing any product or service from him.
    There we are!!!! I hope the mediators agree to let this thread run because I think everyone has the right to know this before they pass over any money to him.
    I suspect he will try to maintain credibility by discrediting this post( I know he "trolls' Rosacea forums) posting as Bogus new members as his alias, advocating what a wonderful service or product they have had thru Nase.

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    Thanks for that July.

    It is certainly a cautionary tale you have, which others should take into account. I'm afraid I am going to lock this thread (at least until the mods have discussed things), just because we don't want an acre-long thread, with loads of controversy etc etc, which threads concerning Dr Nase tend to attract. It ruins the forum.

    However, thanks again for the warning - rosaceans need to be informed about potentially dangerous products/practitioners, and people trying to take advantage of their desperation.

    For more info on Dr Nase, see: debunkingnase
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      If anyone has had any similar experiences, its been brought to our attention that they should contact the Indiana consumer protection department. Additionally, if they would do so, it might help July's case.