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    I know it's possible to put AIM, Skype, and other info into the profile, but then it will be visible to everyone.

    Is there an option to show this info only to friends? It seems like a sensible option, but I don't see it anywhere.


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      Hey Steve,
      I am not computer savvy or anything but I know the album/pics feature you can make private (show only to friends) or public (everyone in the forum). So maybe there is a way to do what you are suggesting. I am sure Warren would know or maybe someone else here.


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        I will draw this thread to warren's attention again.


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          Internet Dermatologist

          With the current 3 month wait (last time I tried) to get an appointment with a doctor
          and the usual 5 minutes of time actually spent with them
          Really can't understand why we can't do it all over the internet

          A good questionnaire + some good pics and maybe we send in a blood test to a lab
          which then forwards the results to the doctor, who then prescribes some meds for us.

          There has to be one or two retired dermatologists who are really bored sitting at home
          and would love to be able to get back in the game

          Maybe one could be sponsored through this forum to deal exclusively with members



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            There may be a problem uploading pdf's. I tried it the other day and it didnt work. Can you please have a look at it.


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              I belong to another forum that uses the vBulletin program. When I post to a thread or subscribe to a thread (i.e. without posting), that forum sends me an e-mail when another posting has been made to the thread. Thus, it alerts me that the thread has been updated.

              It is easy of course to check updates of threads in this forum by clicking on the New Posts link but an e-mail is instantaneous.


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                Hi GuyinLA,

                Go into your profile and change your setting for email notification. Then you will be notified immediately when a posting is made in threads you subscribe to. Hit the thread button above the post in thread tools and click subscribe and as long as you do those 2 things... voila.

                Hope my explanation makes sense.



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                  Hit user CP and then hit settings and options and there you can change the way you are notified when new postings are made.


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                    This is under edit options in the profile

                    For some reason I cannot copy and paste it to show you. Doesn't show up
                    Last edited by Melissa W; 15 August 2008, 02:10 AM.


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                      melissa, thanks for the info. I edited my profile (hopefully, correctly). Obviously, I'm not expert on vBulletin.


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                        I am just learning computers as I go LOL. I am very technologically challenged


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                          I would love a place in the forum designated for the psycho-social aspects of rosacea. I myself have found this condition to have changed my life so significantly and am having a very difficult time adjusting. It would be great to have a specific place to hear from others who are going through the same thing.


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                            The ability for senior members to edit their old posts.

                            Most of us are trying to help each other now adays, and adding relevant information to original posts should be allowed.

                            Possibly add in the forum rules that you must add 'edit:' and reason for edit when you are to edit your own posts.

                            Also if mods can see all posts that have been edited they can discern if for some reason editing an old post is doing the thread harm (but i've been a forum member for many boards and this is seldom the case)

                            Thank you for reading this.


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                              The forum policy is that threads are only able to edited by the original poster prior to anyone responding. There are many reasons for this and in order to save time I would point you to this thread:


                              By allowing editing there is the increased risk of confusion and the thread not making sense, indeed moderators rarely edit members posts for just this reason. However if requested mods changes can be made.

                              The best advice would be to add an update to the thread in question as this then bumps the thread and draws the attention of newer members.



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                                PLEASE extend the session timeout.

                                I'm constantly being logged out when I'm in the middle of something.
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