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******* !!!??

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  • ******* !!!??

    Hello everyone !!

    I'm just wandering if anybody has heard anymore on Dr.Nase's product ******* ??? I dont want to hear all the c**p about debunking Nase and all that rubbish before you start.

    Reading about *******, i'm really excited about it coming out.

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    The best place to find information about this will be Dr Nase's website. He updates it regularly. The minute it is released you will hear about it there, I imagine.


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      I just don't get it. That c**p you refer to is the people on this board who were around when Nase was impersonating people and spreading his lies, they are trying to help others understand why they shouldn't get their hopes up when the snake oil salesman comes to town.

      I understand some people who come to these boards are desperate, whether justifiably or not, and want nothing more than a savior to drop from the heavens and deliver a "cure". It is not going to happen, and the last person who would do it is Nase IMHO.

      Good luck in your search but I wouldn't look here, no one here with any common sense is going to touch anything Nase attaches his name to (maybe you should talk to the many unsatisfied customers who were sold on the condensed treatment protocol at the Rosacea Treatment Institute he used to be attached to who now have even worse Rosacea and are out of pocket 1000's of dollars).

      Last I heard you could find Nase on the Topix boards trying to pass off a picture of himself from 10-15 years ago as a recent photo on his driver's license.

      I am sure you have looked around and found no info on ******* other than Nase's shameless self-promotion of this garbage. He has been touting it for years, and will perhaps one day shove it through the unregulated supplement market where it cannot be stopped until someone is harmed.

      In any event I am sure this thread will be locked as soon as one of the mods see it.
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        Indeed we will lock the thread

        However, you may find some information on ******* at this page:

        In addition, you can find some good information on ******* on this page: