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Ahhhh!!! Silly mistake- what can i do now?

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  • Ahhhh!!! Silly mistake- what can i do now?

    Hi folks, i know i haven been participating in discussion groups as recently but i do like to go on now and again just to see the various topics on board.

    Some of u may remember i had mild roseaca which i had a course of IPL, I only noticed the benefits of this on my rosacea and skin approx 3-4 after the entire course ended. My skin was great for 5months but i always knew id need a touch up of ipl.

    Trouble is the last 2months my pores became very blocked and my skin felt awful. I could feel the effects of the ipl wearing off too. i needed a really good clean and scrub esp on my cheeks and chin. Stupid me couldnt afford to get a facial so i did a DIY job needless to say my cheeks have gone a permanent red shade and burn. My flushing in these areas gets worse at night and morning time. but thats wot u get for doing a DIY.

    Im so dissappointed my this and myself, lol im meant to be going on holiday soon to the carribean, Can anyone help me on how can i treat this problem now of the redness due to exfoliation? Im just using calming non irritant moisturising creams on it, but do i need to go on another course of ipl or what?

    thanks. please if anything positive comes out if this loo dont anyone else do a div exfoliation

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    Well, we've probably all been in that boat, one way or another.

    You'll likely just have to give it some time to calm down. The more you do to "fix" it, other than keeping it mildly moisturized, the more irritated it may get.

    Hang in there.



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      Hi Ally,
      don't beat yourself up about this. What's done is done and you couldn't have known you would have this reaction.
      I know that I absolutely cannot exfoliate as I had a similar reaction when I used a washcloth very gently over my face. I'll never do that again.

      I would suggest leaving your face alone and treating it as gently as possible with a minimum of products for now. It is just a matter of time for the inflamed skin to calm down and the less you do the better. If you had a red light I would suggest you do that but if you don't I would just wait it out. And make sure to wear plenty of sunblock when you go outside and away on your vacation.

      Have fun in the Carribean

      Best wishes,

      ps pics of the vacation when you get back would be great


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        pps I merged these 2 threads you have started as they were duplicates of each other so we can keep things straight. Otherwise it is way too confusing.


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          thx guys, whew its wierd that i was able to exfoliate loads of times before all this, i have noticed it has gone down a bit thankfully, still need to buy a large hat for the holiday, ill look the odd one out but who cares


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            I would stay away from any exfoliators if they make you at all red. When I was younger I went through a stage of using them and whilst my skin felt great for a while they didnt help my rosacea. They are very tempting though


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              How are you doing now? Is your skin feeling calmer?