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Who has had Vitamin D Levels Checked?

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  • Who has had Vitamin D Levels Checked?

    Mine were tested, recently, and found to be pretty low. Not surprising, given that I avoid the sun.

    I've been put on a prescription for Vitamin D, as a result. Hasn't seemed to impact my rosacea in a negative way, but it appears to have made a positive difference in fatigue level, and overall well-being.

    I think it's good information to have. Of course, now I've done all sorts of research into the various D's (D2, D3, etc.)

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    My dermatologist wanted my Vit. D level checked, so I had that done recently. It seemed routine for him to have patients' Vit. D levels checked (especially for those that wear sunscreen). He said that in their office it was uncommon for one of their patient's to have normal D. My level came back normal, but I take supplements - Calcium with Vit. D.


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      This may be of interest


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        Mine are non-existant. The lowest my doctor had ever seen! I feel that's..... somewhat of an achievment.

        I have a prescription for a supplement but have yet to take it. Am shovelling so much stuff into my body unrelated illnesses as it is .


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          I have to say I feel so much better than I did. It's fairly amazing to me how one little vitamin can have so much impact.

          I've got family and friends checking their levels, too.


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            Hi Strive and all,

            Your post caught my eye.

            Here's a recent really great article on Vit D dosing and testing. Note the discussion, however, on the prescription form of Vit D (Vit D2 in the US) and the resulting unnatural metabolic by-products in the 2nd to last paragraph on page 13:

            Use of Vit D in Clinical Practice

            Here's the article that the above article refers to in support of Vit D3 over Vit D2, btw:

            The case against ergocalciferol (vitamin D2) as a vitamin supplement

            Finally, here's a recent very easy to read article on Vit D metabolism:

            Cell Defenses and the Sunshine Vitamin

            Hope this might help... Hang in there...

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              Hi Dan
              Thanks very much for that info.
              I hope all is going well for you!

              Best wishes,


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                Anyone know what their vit d level was when tested?

                I had mine tested about 1yr ago....came back at 38...bottom of normal range is listed as my doctor said mine was fine.

                I was shocked as I avoid the sun....wer high spf always.....but even at 38 by some studies it is on the lower end I believe.
                Dx 1998


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                  Hi Darlene,

                  Dan answers this question in this thread

                  He believes that your levels should be much higher.




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                    I had mine tested back in February and it was at 28.2. I've never been good about wearing sunscreen and I am in the sun a lot in the summer but our winters are without the sun a lot. My GP recommended to take 1000 ius daily. I started taking it but have not been consistent. I go see her again on Friday and I'm going to ask her specifically about the D3.


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                      Checked my old blood test sheets from last year, and I actually had around 22 ng/mL. I remember I was thinking it probably was a little too low, but no doctor did comment the low readings (because it was in the "normal" range), so forgot all about it.

                      This thread and others concerning Vitamin D3 and Cathelicidin has given me new inspiration to up my storage of this important Vitamin. So I did buy this fermented cod liver oil from It's containing the most natural and bioavailable form of Vitamin D3 I have found (in addition to Vitamin A, protecting against Vitamin D overdose, and lots of Quinones, Vitamin K, Vitamin E, COQ enzymes etc). I'm consuming a tablespoon a day (which is around 3-4000 IU), and I think it's important that when consuming such doses, it's from a natural source containing lots of different metabolites and cofactors and not synthetic derivatives like those found in most other Vitamin products.

                      Hope it will do some changes soon, my Rosacea always seems to do better in the summer, so this could really be something!


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                        I was tested over a year ago and it came out to be 7.7. Since then, I have been slowly increasing my daily intake of D3 and my level is now in the 40's. I have to take 4,000 IU a day to keep that level up.


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                          Any improvement rosacea-wise as a result of getting the level back to normal?


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                            HI dpart,

                            Cod Liver Oil may not really be the best way to raise your 25(OH)D levels:


                            You may want to try a Vit D3 supplement instead, but be sure it's clearly labeled Vit D3 or Vit D "from cholecalciferol" as most experts believe that the D2 form (ergocalciferol) is not as effective...

                            Hope this helps. Take care...


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                              Hi Dan,

                              I began supplementing with Vitamin D3 a few days ago. My levels have to be raised irrespective of the hoped for benefits rosacea wise, but after reading the couple of posts from D users who have not had improvements, I must admit I have suffered a loss of hope.

                              At what point did you start to notice improvements? I see one poster has a level in the 40's. The other in the 50's. The latter has not noticed any improvements.
                              I see from the many websites you posted that one has to aim for a level of around 70, which is about where you are.

                              Thus, the reason I asked, at what point did you notice improvements?

                              Also, are you aware of any other rosaceans who have achieved improvements with high supplementation of vitamin D3?

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