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Anyone tried micellar-type cleansers?

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  • Anyone tried micellar-type cleansers?

    I'm on a mission to work out the mildest cleansing routine. I currently use Avene toner, on a cotton ball. It is little more than water. Its OK, but its not really designed to cleanse, and is a bit weak.

    The great advantage of using a toner, though, is that you don't have to rinse or anything. Plus, I feel that a mild toner goes less 'deep' than cleansers do. It just gets rid of surface oil, and that's all I want.

    Its difficult to find mild toners that also have a bit of cleansing power, and in my search I've come across so-called micellar (sp?) cleansers. They seem quite like toners; and you seem to use them in the same way. But I don't really know anything about them. Potentially, it seems a great option.

    Any experiences?

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    Hi Alex,

    I've never heard of micellar cleansers, but if you're looking for some kind of gentle toner-type liquid to cleanse with, have you thought of floral waters (sometimes called distillates) - things like rosewater or camomile water? As far as I understand, they're the by-products of essential oil production, but don't actually contain any essential oils. I've used these as toners for ages and sometimes cleanse with them if I'm not wearing make-up and/or feeling fragile. I haven't noticed any significant therapeutic effects, but they're extremely gentle, refreshing and non-irritating, which is sometimes all I want.

    I often buy one sold by a company called akamuti which is a mixture of rosewater with camomile and lavender waters: they market it as "baby flower wash", and I did indeed use it on my kids when they were toddlers and had chickenpox. Very soothing. I've read that orange flower and tea tree waters are good for oilier skin, but haven't tried them.



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      Thanks for the tip.

      How do you apply the floral waters? With a cotton wool ball, or?


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        Yes, cotton wool - though you can get ones in spray bottles that you just mist on.



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          micellar cleansers

          Hi Medium Dog ( I get a kick out of that name! ),

          I have Rosaliac Micellar Cleanser from La Roche Posay. For the longest time I was not using it correctly, ie. I was rinsing it with water. Come to find it is a wipe off cleanser and it does feel something like a toner only because it is cooling. The reason for my mistake was that I couldn't clearly read the instructions on the bottle because they are printed in three different languages with very tiny type.
          I do like this cleanser because it removes face product like make up and sunscreen and it is soothing though it contains parabens. It does leave my skin feelng clean but not dried out. It's sort of like a Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser with a cooling effect.
          I am a La Roche Posay junkie, so I rinse my face with some of their Toleraine Thermal Spring Water.
          What products have you been considering?