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eliminating artificial sweeteners - MAJOR improvement

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  • eliminating artificial sweeteners - MAJOR improvement

    I've been struggling to figure out my rosacea for a few years now. The condition has progressively worsened to the point of constant flushing and patches of small bumps/pustules all over my cheeks, forehead, chin, nearly all of the time. I had never had acne and suddenly, as an adult, was embarrassed by my face. I hated the idea of living on anti-biotics and the topical meds didn't seem to do much of anything.

    For years I've been looking out for the common triggers, but they all seemed to have only a mild effect - non seemed to cause significant improvement if avoided or eliminated. After reading a research article, I recently decided to try eliminating fake sweeteners from my diet. And I am completely amazed. It took a while, but steadily over the past couple of months my face has begun to heal and clear. I'm ecstatic. I wasn't sure if anything was happening at first, but there seemed to be some improvement, so I kept it up. I started taking a picture each night to be sure I wasn't imagining it. It took a long time for the pustules to heal, but no new ones were emerging under the surface.

    After a month on a strict no artifical sweetener diet, I suddenly had a flare up with bumps emerging everywhere. I thought about what I had eaten and realized I had had a Starbucks light frappacino that day which, I hadn't realized, is artificially sweetened.

    It took another few weeks for that flare up to heal, but things again got better, and the incident provided confirmation for me that this was having an effect.

    Now the things that used to make my rosacea worse, don't. Heat and steam don't seem to trigger flushing and pustules as before. I'm now using Tom's natural toothpaste and mouthwash - as even toothpastes (and common cough syrups, etc.) have sodium saccharin in them.

    I feel so relieved to have stumbled across this. Has anyone else had a common experience?

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    I have been using this junk for several years and I thank you for your post. We never think about the condiments and flavorings. You may have just saved my face.



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      Most products with artificial sweeteners also contain loads of other rubbish and are best given a wide berth. I tend to find it better to stick with stuff you make yourself from scratch.