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  • How I cured my rosacea


    I've been on the antibiotic tetracycline for a few years for rosacea. But I hated it, it caused me to get chronic yeast infections, and I had very little libido while on the antibiotic. So I've been doing a lot of research lately to try to get off it. And I believe I have cured my rosacea naturally.

    I found some research that said that many rosacea patients have low stomach acid (hypochloridia). So I followed the advice I found and bought some HCl supplements with Pepsin enzymes. I bought capsules instead of tablets because capsules break apart faster. To see if I had low stomach acid, I took one capsule with a meal. I would think that if I already had enough stomach acid, I would feel discomfort or burning from the capsule. But I felt fine. I started taking 1-2 capsules with each meal for a week, while continuing taking the tetracycline. I also read that rosacea can be aggravated by demodex skin mites, (many rosacea patients have an abnormally large population of these mites) so I decided to treat for that as well. I washed, exfoliated, and dampened my face, hair, chest and back, and liberally applied undiluted tea tree oil to the damp skin (i recommend that the ingredient list say Oil of Melaleuca Alternifolia, that is the most quality oil). I spread a large towel over my sheets and left the tea tree oil on overnight. I did this for the next couple nights, and then I reduced it to just on the face at night. I really think it helped, especially on my nose where I think I had a lot of mites. I had redness and acne there, but now it is gone, and no acne there. I now use the tea tree oil on my face at night, a couple times a week. Not difficult at all.

    Anyways, after about a week of stomach acid supplements and tea tree oil, I decided to go off the tetracycline and see what happens. I feared the worst because in the past if I went off my tetracycline for a few days, my rosacea would flare up badly. But it's now been 7 days since I last took any tetracycline, and my rosacea is gone! My face isn't flaring up at all. There is a little bit of mild redness on my cheeks, but it doesnt look any different from a girl who doesn't have rosacea. I would say it is 90% cured.

    So I've been taking high quality probiotics to fix the internal damage done by the tetracycline. I recommend UDO's choice, that is a very good brand. Keep them in the refrigerator and take 3 capsules a day, after a meal. I've also been taking vitamin, omega fatty acids, and mineral supplements.

    I always thought my hair was very dry from blow drying too much, but after a week of taking HCl supplements with meals, my hair is smooth and silky. And my skin looks great. I'm so happy to be off the tetracycline.

    To any girls out there - the tetracycline caused me yeast infections, and also other bacterial infections that I saw a gynocologist for and will begin treatment for. If you have any discharge, talk to a gynocologist. They will prescribe a cream you can insert for 10 days, it's very easy.

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    It's wonderful that you have had success with your findings and regimine, but isn't it a little soon to declare yourself cured after 7 days of being off antibiotics? For your sake, I hope it's true, but keep us posted in the meantime. Good Luck!


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      in the past if i missed a dose of tetracycline, my rosacea would flare up within a day or so. so i think it is very encouraging that i've been off antibiotics for seven days without any rosacea. i really think i'm cured, but i will keep you posted !

      i just hope my advice helps someone out there, that's why i've posted it


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        linda say,

        what sub-type of rosacea do you have? The term "flare-up" is confusing... do you mean you get the acne-like P&Ps? Do you flush at all? Flushing is the hardest part of rosacea to treat, so let us know if you have that or not. Thanks,
        Subtype-1: Cheek and ear flushing
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          yes i had red flushing, and i also had papules. the tetracycline took that away, but if i missed a dose of tetracycline it would start coming back.


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            I don't think I've ever heard of tetracycline taking care of flushing. I have taken tetracycline, doxy (periostat) and minocycline (minocin & solodyn) and none have done anything for my flushing.
            Subtype-1: Cheek and ear flushing
            Currently: IPL


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              I don't know, it worked for my flushing.


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                My Dr. told me that ab's work for flushing and burning also..hmmm...although this Dr. thinks that rosacea is not a big deal also..Jenn
                Please hurry Sansrosa!!!


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                  Last night I noticed that the flushing was coming back. There was a red area about the size of a quarter on my lower right cheek and a larger area on my upper left cheek. I hadn't been using the tea tree oil for the past few days so I decided to do that again and see if it would help. I washed and exfoliated my face, and then liberally applied undiluted tea tree oil to my damp face, leaving it on over night. This morning I washed my face and reapplied the tea tree oil, leaving it on for about 30 minutes before my shower.

                  It worked. As of 5pm this evening, the redness is much fainter, almost gone. I'm going to use the tea tree oil again tonight. Seems I still have a problem with demodex mites.

                  That doesn't surprise me. According to my various research that I've found on the internet, immune compromised people, such as those with HIV, often have a problem with demodex mites. I don't have HIV, but I do know that my immune system is compromised. My last blood test just a few weeks ago showed that I have a bit of a low white blood cell count, which means the body is fighting an infection of some kind. I have had chronic yeast infections due to my antibiotic use, however now that I am off the antibiotics and taking probiotics, this has been much improved.

                  I believe that I have nutrient deficiences due to being on the antibiotic for so long and killing off all the good bacteria in my stomach. So I believe that over time my immune system will get stronger as my body recovers. This is only the 9th day I've been off the antibiotic. I believe that as my immune system recovers, I will have less of a problem with demodex mites, and will hopefully in the future get to a point where I won't have to use the tea tree oil at all. But for now, obviously I still need it.

                  I wish I had thought to take a photo of my flushing before I used the tea tree oil, so that I could show you the before and after pics. I will remember to do so next time.



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                    hmm... this is very interesting.

                    I was wondering where you picked up HCL ? Just any health food store?

                    I also share alot of the same ideas you have about rosacea, and, read the using the scabies cream with 5% permethrin in it also does the trick quite well.

                    I am happy to hear things are going well for you.


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                      I picked up HCl at a health food store.

                      If you are interested in getting some, I recommend that you get Betaine-HCl with Pepsin enzyme in it. Also, get capsules instead of tablets... capsules break apart faster. Take one capsule about 5 minutes before a meal, and see if you feel any burning discomfort. If you feel fine, take two at your next meal and see how you feel.

                      For myself I have discovered that I feel better with them.

                      Here is a very good article about low stomach acid caused by stress...


                      That was my case, I am young (21 years old) but as a teen I was always stressed out. I had a LOT of anxiety issues. Everything in that article relates to me so well. For me it started out with an ulcer and it went from there. I have most of the symptoms that they describe in this paragraph...

                      In men or women hypochlorhydria can contribute to a wide variety of problems. These can include obvious things like dry, scaly skin and brittle, lifeless hair. It can also cause a person to feel fatigued and/or listlessness. Most commonly, it causes digestive problems like gas, indigestion, constipation and/or diarrhea. It can also cause a variety of sugar-handling problems ranging from hypoglycemia to diabetes, as well as a variety of circulatory problems ranging from out of balance blood pressure (high or low relative to the person’s age and body type) to tachycardia, arrhythmia, heart disease and stroke. Long term it can create immune system problems ranging from an increased susceptibility to insect stings, infections and colds to the various forms of cancer.

                      The first thing that I noticed after my first week of taking HCl is that my hair, which I thought was dried out and damaged from blow-drying, became smooth and silky. I have noticed other improvements as well, but I won't get into all of that.

                      If those symptoms are familiar to you, perhaps you have low stomach acid as well.

                      The reason why I chose to use tea tree oil instead of permethrin, is that I read a couple articles on the internet that mites were becoming more resistant to prescriptions such as permethrin, and I also felt that permethrin might be too harsh on my face. However, other people have had success with permethrin so I have nothing against it, I just chose a different route.

                      Good luck with everything you do, and if you try the HCl, let me know how it turns out for you !


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                        Interesting thread. I think that if something works (maybe it does, or maybe it dosen't) go for it.
                        But just FYI, an infection doesn't cause decreased WBC's (white blood cells), it causes an increase in WBCs, or leukocytosis. It makes sense if you think about it -- the body is increasing the nos. of WBCs (esp. neutrophils) to fight the infection. This is also observed as a "shift to the left" (increase in immature neutrophils or 'bands').
                        HIV and chemo cause a decrease in the WBC count by directly destoying the WBCs.
                        Also, TCN is not one of the antibiotics known for killing the GI enteric bacteria (as is clindamycin, maybe amoxicillin, etc). Also be aware that "probiotics" (what does this mean, anyway?) are not proven to work, in any case. In the retail pharmacy I work part-time, I get calls from salesmen trying to get me to offer their "probiotic" products. I have to tell them that I am not going to recommend a product that (even) in theory simply does not work (how is taking a supplement going to increase the numbers of normal flora (NF)? Think about it. And again in any case, not all antibiotics target and thus alter the NF of the small intestines and colon.
                        Just FYI.


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                          Aren't you not supposed to take HCl supplements while on tetracycline? Or is that only minocycline?


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                            Probiotics are getting more attention lately. I'm always on the hunt for things that will help my gut, and my skin (I have eczema as well as rosacea and both are affected by what I consume.) For the record I have a terrible gut, and as I age it gets more bothersome.

                            Here some links to studies that may be helpful if you are feeling unsure of the positive benefits of probiotics.

                            Effect of probiotics on gastrointestinal symptoms and small intestinal permeability in children with atopic dermatitis


                            Probiotics in primary prevention of atopic disease:
                            A randomised placebo-controlled trial


                            There's lots more if you google it. All from credible, qualified sources.

                            Best wishes with your continued success!

                            Happiness is a choice.


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                              Interesting post, TP.
                              Maybe the point of my post was not clear in that there is no conclusive evidence that the use of probiotics (and I should have specified whether LIVE cultures or not) decreased the risk of antibiotic induced colitis (the links you posted had nothing to do with this).
                              Anyway, ask youself this question: Who don't the manufacturers of antibiotics recommend the use of these products if they are shown to work? Also, if they DO work, why don't (really) qualified souces, such as the Infectious Disease society of America, endorse them?
                              Please note that even if a few studies DO support their use, this does not mean proof or general acceptance by the scientific community (such as the FDA (and folks have been using buttermilk and live-cultured yogurt for this purpose forever).
                              Finally (and this is something that I didn't realize until studying the statistics of clinical trials in pharmacy school: As one can use the internet and find practically any study to validate any takes many such studies (with like results) before general acceptance of the scientific community is given. Why? Many studies are -- simply -- bad studies. This last point in a very important point that would have serious implications if one was in the business of recommending a product for medicinal use (based on the preponderance of clinical evidence, that is).
                              Enough rambling for tonight.
                              Regarding this, please let us know what you find.
                              WAR EAGLE, everyone!