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Jojoba Oil - pure oil without Lecithin, OK on dry skin??

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  • Jojoba Oil - pure oil without Lecithin, OK on dry skin??

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    I'm on Accutane, 80mg's daily.
    A lot of people use it undiluted for the same reason as you want to use it for. I didn't like it.

    Good thing is, since you're on Accutane you don't really have to worry about breaking out.
    I'm using DDF Ultra Lite Moisturizing Dew as moisturizer. (I got it free otherwise wouldn't be using it.) I use vaseline for lips as well as LRP Ceralip.

    Sorry I can't be of more help...the people I read using it haven't complained of a residue...
    25 year old male, 20mgs Accutane daily.
    10mg's of Singulair daily (bonus that it helps with my asthma! lol)

    Shave w/ Aveeno Therapeutic Shave Gel, Sensor Excel razor. (Used to use Mach3, but tried Sensor and won't go back!)


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        I've used Jojoba oil off and on for the past year. It does calm the redness to a degree for me but it also leaves my skin a little slimy feeling unless I use just a drop or two. It's more of a tactile sensation problem for me and I haven't noticed any clogging of pores or shiny appearance. I use it mostly at night and apply a couple of drops on the wet face and gently rub it in.
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            Attn Just Trying to get over it

            PLEASE be very careful with 80 mgs per day. That is an extremely high dose for most rosacea sufferers. Just a heads up and good luck

            Dr. Geoffrey Nase
            Ph.D. Neurovascular Physiologist
            Rosacea Research Specialist, IN


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