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  • Oregano oil

    I posted for the first time 3 or 4 months ago when I began taking supplements for a possible digestive disorder. This included Aloe Vera juice, glutamine, probiotics, zinc, vitamin C & B group, and I've recently added Spiralina.
    My skin slowly improved (overall redness is as good as gone) but I still struggled with pimples in one stubborn patch on my left cheek which began when I took detox herbs (stopped these straight away).
    My local health shop staff took a look at my cheek and knew immediately that my body was detoxing too quickly (had begun taking DIM for hormones but didn't know it was another powerful detoxifyer).
    She told me to stop the DIM and take Oregano Oil capsules which work like a powerful but natural antibiotic. I cannot believe the results in just a few days. Inflamed itching and burning is gone and p&p's will be gone in another day or two by the looks of things. I'm over the moon and certainly learning that natural medicine makes dermatologists look like they're trying to worsen rosacea to stay in business! (And that's being very polite... I could say so much more.)
    I'm feeling more and more confident that I'm going to beat this thing. I think I'm about 90% there now. Even a week at the beach in full hot humid sun every day did not cause a flare! I will keep you posted.

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    Thats really good news. I might add spirulina and zinc to my routine and see what it does.



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      The oregano capsules obviously worked quickly for you. Please let us know if your results are lasting. I think I will give it a try as well.


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        Oregano oil

        Hi patty, yes it has worked quickly for me and the results seem to be lasting. There is still one pimple slowly going down but considering the rash was angry, raised and very lumpy I am pleasantly surprised how quickly these capsules work. My skin is behaving as nicely as it did when the dermatologist prescribed minocycline - an antibiotic which upset my stomach so much in the end I had to stop. The Oregano oil capsules are by Nature's Way and I'm taking 2 per day (as prescribed by my health shop) rather than 1 per day as on the bottle. I will cut back to one per day once that last stubborn lump has gone. I haven't had any negative side-effects and feel like I'm really beating this nasty condition. Good luck to you. Let us know how you get on.

        Originally posted by patty
        The oregano capsules obviously worked quickly for you. Please let us know if your results are lasting. I think I will give it a try as well.


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          hey nzdolphin,

          have you experimented in doing and eating things that were triggers for you before you started this or have you changed anything?
          Eat up your spinach, it'll put color in your cheeks.
          But I don't want green cheeks!


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            Oregano oil

            Hi NWC, I never really discovered what my triggers were. I think I just overall had a bad diet, too many potato chips, not enough fruits and veges, too many processes foods.
            In Sept 06 I changed my diet to simply eating non-processed foods as much as I possibly could and added all the natural vitamins, etc, that I'm taking. I've lost 4 kilos and now sit at 58kg (just right for my frame).
            I don't need to experiment because there is nothing 'good' that I'm missing out on. I still drink coffee, wine, spicey food, etc and these haven't interfered with my progress. (Everything I do is in moderation now).
            BUT over Christmas I was a little red for a few days (so I guess excess food and wine must be my trigger) But in saying that, I drink a couple of glasses of chardonnay almost every other night and it as no bad effect on me.
            Another interesting thing I've noticed is, I used to only have to wash my face gently and I'd be bright red for at least 1/2 hour. I barely go red now and if I do it lasts all of 3 minutes! I do a gentle Dr. Hauschka rejuvenating mask once a week and that seems to be all I need now.
            As I'm sure you can tell, I'm feeling very happy and positive about a successful regime. Long may it last.
            I hope all this helps and is not too much info!


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              Hi nzdolphin, thanks for all your information! I started the oregano oil capsules yesterday, and also added spirulina to my daily lineup of suppliments. For me the paps and redness with them has been my main problem from the beginning. My derm has been reluctant to prescribe antibiotics because of the side effects, so this really sparked my interest.
              By the way, a week at the beach sounds devine about now! 15 degrees F
              here today!!


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                Oregano oil

                Hi Patty. Sounds cold over there. It's very warm in New Zealand right now and I should be at the beach instead of sitting at the computer. Just thought I'd mention I don't take the two oregano capsules at once, I take one in the morning and one in the evening after meals.
                It is exciting to find a natural antibiotic as I've never been able to tolerate the others, and like you p&p's have always been a problem for me.
                I also take probiotics (acidophilis) just as you would with dermatologist/doctor prescribed antibiotics. GOOD LUCK! I hope you see quick results too!


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                  How long before you saw results with the oregeno oil??
                  sounds like it's working very well for u
                  currently taking Doxycycline x 1 month and using finacea cream
                  used metrogel x 3 yrs


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                    Some folks (in white coats!) seem to agree with you guys that this is a beneficial approach.

                    Oil of oregano

                    "The only other thing that I do, which is remarkably successful, is to give those clients with rosacea a supplement containing oil of oregano and have them use an oil of oregano topical lotion at night," Dr. Meschino says.

                    The oil of oregano contains volatile oils, which kill a large variety of microorganisms. It also seems to knock out the skin mite, which has been associated with rosacea, according to Dr. Meschino.

                    Patients on the oil of oregano see 80 percent to 90 percent improvement in their rosacea, he says.

                    Dr. Meschino recommends that patients take one 250 mg capsule of the oil of oregano twice a day and use the topical cream nightly rather than during the day because the cream smells like oregano.

                    Patients should take oil of oregano with foods like yogurt, because the oil is known to kill some of the friendly bacteria in the large intestine. Functional foods, like yogurt, help to replenish the live bacteria.

                    These complementary therapies should not replace traditional approaches to rosacea treatment, but rather should be part of the global management of this and other skin conditions, according to Dr. Meschino.

                    "I am not claiming to have a cure for any of these skin conditions. What I am saying though, is that there is sound scientific and anecdotal evidence that patients who have acne, rosacea, eczema and psoriasis achieve good results with nutrition and supplementation approaches. Often, it is totally ignored because many health practitioners have never really seen the evidence," he says.


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                      I have been taking oregano oil capsules for about 12 days and have seen overall improvement in my skin. My forehead, which has been consistantly broken out for several months and is now finally clearing up. I have a couple new paps on the side of my nose, but they aren't "hanging around" as they tend to do, and seem to be healing. I'm not having the rapid results that nzdolphin had, but I'm pleased so far with my results. I might add that I've only recently made some changes in my diet and suppliments, and I think that is also a factor.


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                        Patty - How much are you taking per day?


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                          I'm taking two a day. The bottle tells you the dose is once per day, I'm following nz's advice, and taking it morning and at night. I will probably cut back to once a day in a couple weeks. I am wondering if it becomes ineffective after a time, so I don't want to over do it. I'd like to keep this in my arsenal for the summer months as the heat makes me break out like crazy. I would think the photosensitivity would not be an issue. I have to wear sunscreen all the time anyway.


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                            Oregano oil

                            Hi Patty, I'm pleased things are on the improve. I'm still taking 2 Oregano capsules per day but they appear to only be 50mg Oregano oil and 25mg flaxseed oil so going by GJ's info I wonder if it's enough for most people.
                            My skin is continuing to improve, like you the odd spot doesn't seem to hang around. The nasty raised and inflamed patch is almost completely gone. I had been suspecting a skin mite long before taking this oil so I'm now wondering if that is why it has finally improved.
                            I'd like to get some of the oregano oil cream to apply topically when I cut back to one capsule a day, but I'm not sure if it's in New Zealand. I'll have to have a look around.


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                              what is a good brand to get? and should it be capsules or drops?

                              went to get some... i think it's expensive. maybe just that place though.

                              ended up just getting probiotics that wasn't cheap itself. and then later saw some at traderjoes for 1/4 the price... but i assume the expensive ones i bought are better. i hope. lol

                              well... if anyone knows... i'm ordering stuff online tonight since it's cheaper i think. i'm on a tight budget now since i've spent way too much over the past months... \/ and it sucks for me now... lol
                              Eat up your spinach, it'll put color in your cheeks.
                              But I don't want green cheeks!