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Ivermectin Horse Paste on scalp?

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  • Ivermectin Horse Paste on scalp?

    Has anyone here successfully treated Demodex in their scalp by using Ivermectin Horse paste?

    I wash my hair with Sulphur soap, and have tried putting ZZ cream in my hair but it can get a bit messy. I thought it could be easier to apply the horse paste.

    Any insight on treating Demodex in hairline/scalp is greatly appreciated!

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    Horse paste for rosacea has been around for sometime now and many rave about it. Haven't read any anecdotal reports of using on the scalp, but who knows (?), maybe you can find such reports. Never heard of using the ZZ cream on the scalp or hair, which I can only imagine you are a sight for sore eyes when you do that!

    I have tried one tablespoon of tea tree oil in six ounces of baby shampoo and use this in my scalp since my dermatologist told me I have folliculitis and recommended azelaic acid (which helped but wasn't as effective as the tea tree oil/baby shampoo). My next bottle of baby shampoo is ten ounces so I will be adding two tablespoons of tea tree oil and shake it up and use up that bottle. I have also applied full strength tea tree oil to the the itchy spots in my scalp occasionally when the itch is unbearable and it does indeed take away the itch. It is important to use the tea tree oil/baby shampoo twice on the scalp (shampoo once and rinse and apply a second shampoo again and rinse). I also use this shampoo combo on my face when in the shower and and neck.

    I would recommend the ZZ cream on the face which is what I use. I have been alternating azelaic acid one day and then the next day the zz cream on my red spots on my face. I am also taking 20 mg tab of doxycycline twice a day and this regimen is working for me. I have rosacea, SD and folliculitis. Demodectic rosacea can be treated.
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      Thanks for getting back to me. I'll try some Tea Tree Oil in my shampoo, I also plan on testing out the Borax shampoo too.

      I have been using Sebiprox shampoo on my hair and face with great success lately, as I also have Seb Derm.

      For what its worth, I have seen great improvement in my skin/health in general by taking Milk Thistle capsules daily, along with Black Walnut/Wormwood/Clove Tinctures for Parasite cleansing.

      I would highly recommend using both!