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First Honey Mask!

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  • First Honey Mask!

    Okay so applied my first honey mask for the first time last night

    Will update this daily with updates and pictures as a log to see the changes

    Had it on for the full 3 hours, removed with water, applied moisturiser and went to bed

    I believe I have rosacea and SebDerm

    Should I still spread this over my whole face, or just the SebDerm patches?

    I?ve read through loads of honey threads on here, I?d just like to know if I should be seeing darker reds and increased inflammation after the first mask?
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    Today, the patches are a darker red and slightly inflamed

    Definitely a darker red, and the patches can easily be seen more than yesterday before I applied

    Cleaned with honey and water this morning, will continue

    Any advice greatly appreciated... should it be going redder?