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Where to start with concealer?

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  • Where to start with concealer?

    I'm a 45 yo male who's fed up of having a blotchy face and wondering about make-up. I've read up on it a bit but am still unsure. My rosacea is the bright pink type that doesn't really change, and apart from that my complexion is very pale. This gives me a very obvious line under my eyes where the rosacea stops, like panda eyes or goggle marks. To make things worse, over the last few years an eyebag has developed under one eye so now I have pink/liver/pale on one side and pink/pale on the other, and the two sides don't match up - the pink goes much higher on one side. On top of that I have a dark red area on one cheek that might be to do the rosacea but could also be sun damage from years ago. Basically it looks like a toddler's been let loose on my face with some crayons.

    I have tried a few things in the past - I had a Revlon green tinted moisturiser that toned down the pink a tiny bit but not really enough to be worth it, then a green tinted sunscreen that did nothing at all. I also tried using a flash bronzer under the eyes thinking that pink / tanned would be better than pink / ghostly white. I'm not sure it was a very good one and the colour didn't change much. I gave up at that point because I didn't really know what I was doing and it was just money down the drain.

    I went to see about getting the eyebag removed while I was holiday in a cheaper country (couldn't afford it at UK prices). The guy said although this could be done for a woman it wasn't appropriate for a man of my age...

    Anyway, I'm thinking about trying to do something about the colour again. The pink is annoying but the blotchiness is the main thing. I'd settle for one colour even if it was pink. As I say I got nowhere last time I tried this so would appreciate any tips on how to get the pale area, the liver coloured area, the pink area and the dark red area to match a bit better, without it looking like I'm wearing make-up.

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    There are a number of options to choose from here, and might want to start with this one.
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      There is a good list here of foundations for rosacea. I find Oxygenetix the best.