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    Hi everybody,

    I have mainly sub type 1 rosacea. Background Redness. Its not serious or debelitating. Can someone advice me good serums for skin barrier repair/protection?
    I have been using Green Keratin AntiOxidant Boost and Dermalex Rosacea (plus a sunscreen), for around 2 years, with satisfatory results. But apparently I can no longer order green Keratin Antioxidant boost through
    By the way i live in Portugal. Dont know if this is temporary or not. Well i could buy directly from Green Keratin...
    Anyway im open to other sugestions/advices you might have in terms of other products. Preferably i could order through amazon uk.

    Thank you

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    Skinceuticals Epidermal Repair cream is quite good. It is helpful to use this on top of soolantra cream or tea tree oil with a carrier oil (e.g. almond oil) to kill demodex mites. The role of the Skinceuticals cream is to create a robust skin barrier, but it does not kill mites. is a good place to buy quality skin care products from - I do use Amazon but sometimes it can be uncertain if the product has been made by the intended manufacturer if you buy from a marketplace seller.
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      thank you antwantsclear. I will check it.


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        Since skin care is so individual in terms of working or not working, I can only give some suggestions based on what has helped for me. Niod hydration Vaccine creates a lovely protection and sort lock moisture in and helps strengthen the barrier. It's a bit pricy but I've noticed little goes a long way so the product lasts for several months. I love chia oil in the evening also, so nice and lets the skin breathe. I've also had great results with the Ordinary Amino Acids serum.