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Have anyone tried this combo?

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  • Have anyone tried this combo?

    Rozasol + Neo Strata Bionic Face Cream + Neostrata Redness Neutralizing Serum + ACO Rosacea treatment care

    Can you use all of these at the same time? Anyone have good/bad experience?

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    Skin care

    Hi, I'm swedish too but I answer in English if others are interested I've not tried Rozasol so can't comment on that. Ive tried Neostrata skin care line and for me it was a bit too "active" and invasive. I've also tried the "baby sister" of Neostrata, named Exuviance but also there my skin didn't like it. Now I actually have a skin care regimen that really works in calming my skin. I've tried a million brands, for over 15 years. I know some people here think you're selling a product if you recommend it but I'll write down my routine anyways and you can take pieces out of it and see what could work for you. What's been a game changer for me is to use topical Vitamin C serum. There are hundred of of brands and ive tried a few, gradually building up strength because initially my skin was sensitive and needed to adjust. I started with 12 % and now I'm using 30 % Vitamin C serum from medik8. Don't start with 30, that is my very strong advise But it has worked wonders to lighten up my skin and calm it. The rest of my products are from NIOD and The Ordinary.

    I wash my face in the morning using micellar water from Bioderma Sensibio. Then I apply The Ordinary Amino Acid serum plus Marine Hyalyronics serum, gives tons of moisture but very light. After that is Vitamin C serum plus Pycnogenol serum (the Ordinary). Followed by NIOD Hydration Vaccine (A life saver for my red and thight skin).

    Evening is sort of the same, I wash face, then same serums as above but also Azelaic Acid from The Ordinary as it really calms the skin.

    A good thing is that the Ordinary is quite cheap, NIOD is a bit more expensive but products last a long time.

    There's a lot of products and I know not everyone have the time or interest, but you can look them up and see what could work for you! Good luck!


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      I think sometimes people with rosacea use bad skin care regimen, I did it too, trying these 'medical' topical creams that almost feels like vaseline and just stays on top of the skin, making it greasy and hot. I also tried to use only oils or super organic skin care but at least for me they did nothing. This is the first time in ages that my skin looks almost normal. I still have broken cap which will only go away with laser but the redness and flushes have seriously reduced. It takes time though and it's also important to introduce new skin care products carefully and not all at once. It's also common with a slight initial purging or cleansing where the skin releases bad stuff and dirt and adjusts to the products, so the skin can actually feel a bit worse for 2-3 weeks before it starts to clear up. Thats why its important to stick to it and not stop and be scared that you can't tolerate the product.


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        Hmm, that's interesting.