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Salicylic acid(Isdin gel) for face. Plz need ur expierence on this.

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  • Salicylic acid(Isdin gel) for face. Plz need ur expierence on this.

    Hey all.
    As a suffering from rosacea and most probably seborrheic dermatits too.
    I was using for 7 years( metronidazole gel and erythromycin gel) 3 times daily, it controlled my symptoms for about 60%, im pretty sure that my rosacea and seborrheic dermatitis is hormonal related because they flare alot during pregnancy.
    Now i have a problem is that my rosacea symptoms are not controlled anymore with these 2 topicals and the erythromycin gel is stopped produced in maint countries now
    Im thinking now of using together with rozex gel a salicylic acid gel
    What made me think i can use it, is ghat i have moderate seborrheic dermatitis on my scalp and i have been using many shampoos with no success, lately i have used selsun blue shampoo( with salicylic acid) and it is the only one that cleared up my dandruff
    My face is very flaky dry, with alot of blackheads and rosacea symptoms
    So do u think i can benefit with using both roZex gel and salicylic acid together
    And can i use it three times a day
    I cant find any moisturizer that doesnt irritate me ( all contains oils or pertraltun or even glycerin, im allergic to all of these unfortunately)
    So i need ur help plz
    Thanks in advance