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  • Viralex helped me

    Hi everyone,

    I'm in a really good patch (TOUCH WOOD) with my rosacea. I get redness and papule. The papule and bumpiness was destroying my life.
    They sprung up when I was on the oral contraceptive pill but also under a lot of emotional stress with my relationship.
    I waited it out after my relationship ended and I came off the pill and ended up doing a 3 month course of Doxy as prescribed by dermatologist.

    Had the odd bump breakout since and during, but I've noticed my skin to be glowy, smooth and healthy when I take VIRALEX - 2 tablets a day. I first noticed taking this for a sinus infection how great my skin looked. I swear by it - and am assuming it's connected! Olive leaf plus vitamins and all natural.

    Wanted to share in case it worked for anyone else!?

    I am also on BePure (NZ brand) Omega 3 tablets twice daily - fish oil plus vitamins - and a BePure probiotic at night.