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Tretinoin for zz cream users

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  • Tretinoin for zz cream users

    Hi community,

    So happy to post after a long time! Just a quick update: I was doing well with ZZ cream, but I never reached the maintenance application for months. I could only manage the three times a week application . In general, things were under control. Recently, I decided to start tretinoin 0.05 once a week (just stopped, and it's been 5 applications in total). Before that, I used an ordinary moisturizer and azelaic acid (applying it at nights when not using ZZ cream), which worked fine. The tretinoin was cream-type.

    Now, I'm experiencing a huge under-skin spot that hurts a lot. I've gone back to ZZ cream for everyday application. Is tretinoin just a no-go for rosacea skin types?

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    Sometime tretinoin makes rosacea better and sometimes worse. Maybe you were going through "purge" phase?


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      Hi bear001,
      I don’t think so, because I developed a furuncle on my left cheek and had to check with the dermatologist. He said it was an under skin cyst that got infected . Now I'm on a one-month course of doxycycline and have been given a local antibiotic cream to apply on the furuncle before bed. I've stopped using everything, even moisturizer, and only use ZZ cream and cleanser at night.
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