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    A month and still working... sounds good. Not that you haven't thought of this, but maybe instead of quitting the cream you could use it less often, like once a week or something.

    I'm happy about all the information on here about things people have tried and which ones work.


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      Originally posted by Mamabear2012 View Post
      I must say, I too like going on here and wish there were more people that posted on the forums. I am still doing really well with the zz cream. It has been one month now and my skin is almost back to normal. It is so much better now. I am so happy I tried it. I am just hoping that after 4 months of treatment that my skin will be healed and I can stop the cream. I do not like the idea of having to rely on a cream forever. I am so glad that I came on here and read about people's experience with the cream. I was a little scared though, as some people had it get worse before it got better. But, for me the results were fast. The first couple days I saw improvement and it just got better and better! My skin is finally smooth after a year of tiny bumps on my cheeks and chin.
      I'm so glad it is working for you! You might have some more breakouts before the 3 month mark (due to the demodex egg and life cycle) but there's nothing more encouraging than seeing the results for yourself.

      I still use the cream everyday but many others just use a maintenance amount of a couple of times a week – something to keep in mind.


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        2.5 months in and still going well! I had a few days where I thought oh the cream doesnt seem to be working so well, but then thought or maybe it is a die off? Well, it was a die off because now my skin is looking better then ever. I still am on the first pot and think it will last me 4 months for sure. I still have more then half left!


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          Well, I have been off the zz cream almost 2 months and my skin is doing great! I only managed to use 1/4 of the jar in the 4 months!! A little went a long way. I used it at night time only and used a dab with water. My skin improved straight away. It was amazing. And after 4 months I stopped using it to see what would happen. And to my great relief, so far so good. I pray this continues. I have the jar still in case I need it. But to me using only 1/4 of the jar in 4 months is such good value for money! I can not believe that only so little is needed and it really fixed my skin. Looking back at old photos, I feel sad for myself seeing how bad my skin got and thankfully, I managed to find out about zz cream. I can not recommend it enough. I wanted to write the update here in case it might help someone.


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            Just wanted to update, skin is still doing great! If anyone is on the fence about using the zz cream, just do it! I am so glad I did. I was so scared as everything just made my skin worse. This is the only thing that improved it from day 1 and now I have been off over 3 months and skin is still great.