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  • Euricin...

    Hiiii sry if this is not in this category i was not serten...but anyway i ment to try this tonight and in the morning but i ment maybe to chek with all yaa first sry working on my sothern akcent haha did any one useed them and how you react to it things you think or things you should use whit it....
    Tnx for help in advance

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    Well i put the night cream on and now we wait and in the morning ill let you know how it went pls if you have a good understending of creams do see is there anything bad that i maybe should now be useing this. Thank you in advance and ill give you a replay in the morning...


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      It was burning i had to take it of with some water...and this morning after a shower it only once lookt worse then now i have to go to clas in 1 hour i dont know what to do[emoji24] [emoji24] [emoji24] gona have an alergy test soon i hope i rell hope it is an alegy but i don not think so and ill try to go to endocrinolog doctor and back to my dermatologest but the thing is that will last for 1-1.5 mounth at leest im losing myself and all the things i love[emoji22]


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        Guten tag

        I have used this creme - it is good for masking, much less for making the problem disappear.
        As I use makeup I stopped using this, because I switched to fluid.

        Eurecin is not bad, but I think you cannot expect miracles, or even big change.


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          Im not but i hope it does not bater me at lest...a big change if im not expecting big change at lest someday i would drop dead right now then cuzzz there would not be things to live anymore


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            Hi i was planing to stop pousting but heard the song of pink "try" somtiems you got to let it burn...i think it goes like that and i relly puld me out of my bad side... im not going to try this other dayly ceam but im not quting il work on this a lot examanations ond theorys moustly...but ill let you all know tomarow il start pousting now il try to sleep a bit