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    I’m a 44 year old rosacea sufferer with quite oily skin. I was first diagnosed in my late 20s. I didn’t have severe redness then but I did have those annoying papules on my cheeks. I managed to get my rosacea under control, mainly by cutting back on wine. I had really nice skin through my 30s and could even drink wine again. By my 40s redness started to creep back in, but it wasn’t terrible until two things happened. I started experimenting with the oil skin care rage. I know people swear that oil cleans your pores and won’t cause break outs. That has not been true for me. I’ve experimented with all of the “miracle” oils and they all seem to cause me to break out. I ended up having a very big, deep cyst that would not come to a head. I went to the derm for a cortisone shot. While I was there she wrote me a script for veltin. What a mistake that was. My skin became so red, itchy, painful, scaly and broken out. It was an absolute nightmare that lasted for months. I finally let go of the idea that my skin was “purging” and stopped using the veltin but the damage was done and my skin did not want to return to normal. I’ve been vegetarian for the better part of 20 years. I’d have occasional periods when I’d mix in fish or poultry but not often. Then a few years ago I decided to go vegan for a variety of reasons. I should mention that I was taking zero supplements (I’m horrible at swallowing pills). After experimenting with a wide array of topical solutions with no success, I decided that I probably have some nutritional deficiencies that could be affecting my skin. I typically think of my diet as really healthy so this was a hard pill for me to swallow. About a year ago I started taking seabuckthorn oil (1000 mg). It didn’t seem to do much for my skin but I do notice other benefits, namely much better elimination. About a month ago after much online research, I decided to take zinc supplements (picolinate 100mg). Almost immediately I noticed that I was losing much less hair in the shower. That was great but not exactly the problem I was trying to solve. About a week later I added evening primrose capsules (1500mg). I also added a multivitamin, which I really should have been taking all long. It seemed like almost immediately I noticed that the red was more of a soft pink, but I was still breaking out. On a trip abroad I ended up with a really horrible UTI. I managed to get a prescription for Cipro. I ended up having to take two courses of it to cure the UTI. I was understandably concerned with what that had done to my gut bacteria. About 10 days ago I started taking Renew Life Women’s Care Ultimate Flora (probiotic) once a day. Keep in mind that at this point I’d been on the zinc and evening primrose oil for 4-5 weeks (long enough to expect to start seeing results). In the past week, I’ve started to see blemishes clearing. Just this weekend I realized not only are there no active blemishes but also my skin has lost most of the red, this despite it being that time of month. I still have some remnants from old blemishes, but that seems to be going away. My skin is a bit dry now because I’m using very little topical product. I wash it with Andalou Clarifying Cleanser. Spot treat with Andalou Vanishing Gel, and apply Derma e Soothing Serum. I know I need to add more moisture and/or probably go to a less drying cleanser, but having had oily skin all of my life, a little dryness doesn’t bother me if it means blemish free. I also know that I need to ween down on the zinc and probably add copper. As most rosacea sufferers have, I’ve periodically taken oral low dose antibiotics (mostly tetracylene) to get the rosacea under control. While on it my skin clears nicely but the redness remains and as soon as I go off the breakouts resume. This is the first time since the awful veltin incident that my skin has had a normal hue. I’m writing this just to share what appears to have helped me…problem is, I’m not entirely sure what it was that worked. I don’t see any reason to stop taking the multi-vitamin, seabuckthorn, evening primrose oil or the probiotic, so I’ll continue that and time will tell.

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    That's awesome! Please keep us posted either way.