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My own breakthrough. Seeing if I can help some other people...

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  • My own breakthrough. Seeing if I can help some other people...

    Hi all,

    I've been meaning to sign up for a while now, as I have been on here a number of times looking over the threads for advice. After my face randomly turned in to what can only be described as a 3rd degree burns victim a number of years back, I went to the doctor (The first time completely **** me out as it took over my whole face, but subsequent times not quite as bad and only led to a local butterfly rash around my nose). They started off doing a few tests for things like Lupus, then come to the conclusion that it was Rosacea.

    Since then i've been prescribed a number of different things from Hydromol to Rosex and nothing worked. Ive also had a go at a few things on here too like sea buckthorn and tea tree, but I would still flare up periodically and nothing seemed to help. Even all the advice on food and alcohol after cutting down what was already minimal drinking and I am a pretty healthy eater anyway, but still having pretty regular flare-ups.

    So, the reason that I have started this thread (excuse it for being so long winded, but its the first time that ive had any relief of this!) is because I started trying out a few other things and one being almost by accident. I started growing out a beard and decided to try and use Head and Shoulders in it and on my face. Since then, for around 8 months I had no flare-ups, accept one brief time when I went away on holiday and didn't use it. As soon as I started to use it again, it went. Nothing else has really changed to much that I can think of apart from having more facial hair, so unless I have a cure for rosacea in my beard (I would be willing to cut and sell it to anyone interested), I put it down to the shampoo or a very lucky phase.

    End of my boring story, and I know everyone is different, but even if it helps a handful of people on here who have been having a nightmare with this like me, then that's good enough - and i'm not a rep for their brand by the way... i'm sure they are doing well enough without me!


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    Hi Nick, Head & Shoulders is known to help seb derm. I'm wondering if that's what you have. They're often confused for each either by doctors. Do/did you have any oiliness with flaking/scaliness? Did it affect your scalp?

    So your flushing is all gone? Ah, what I wouldn't give for that?!

    Welcome to the forum. And congrats on your success!


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      Hi and thank-you!
      No, I didn't really have oiliness unless it was a stressful day at work! And nothing too abnormal with the scalp. Maybe a bit dry now and again but nothing bad. When I searched on the net originally for what it could be (Usually a bad idea), seb derm did look very close to what I had but didn't think anything more of it after the doctor told me it was Rosacea. So that seemed to be my focus on the net after he said.
      Yes, the flushing has all gone now, cheers.
      Maybe I shouldn't have been too hasty in mentioning the shampoo as a help on a site for rosacea if I may have something different and if its already known


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        Hi Nick,
        Congratulations on your discovery. There are many variations of Head and Shoulders shampoo. Can you post which Head and Shoulders shampoo you are using and had the success with?

        Thanks for posting. Everyone likes to hear success stories.


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          Yes, agreed. We like success stories! It probably is rosacea that you have. This is a site for seb derm, too, so that's why I know about people using the shampoo for that. I wouldn't have thought H&S would have helped flushing and redness. So this is great to read. I wonder if the pyrithione zinc plays a role in healing the skin barrier? How soon did you see results?


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            Hi and thanks again!

            The Head and Shoulders is just the classic blue 2 in 1 for men. Before finding that it worked for me, when I had flare-ups constantly, it would take over a week to start dying down, just to repeat the whole thing again the following week/forthnight. When I used it, I could see it go within a matter of a few days and not come back except only a tiny amount of redness thats not even worth complaining about. I found that it worked great using it twice a week in the evenings and once done, rubbing a bit of hydromol (or any similar I imagine) on after as my skin got a bit tight. Used it in the evening as the hydromol was very greasy.