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Incredible results with calendula oil

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    yes, that is it.


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      Hey guys....are there some news about calendula oil???? Is it effective on calm down redness on everybody???
      male,laser treatments,no skincare utilized.


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        Calendula seems to help me

        I did order the calendula oil from the ebay seller.I use it when it's really cold dry and windy here in Dallas.I also got some calendula cream from a
        natural foods store that I have been using for several weeks now.It does seem to help keep my flushing and redness reduced.I also have a gel
        facial mask I got from roshgo that I use at night.Sometimes I do flush a bit more at night and the mask helps with that.


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          This oil is fantastic !

          It calm my skin very very very well


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            does it help with flushing?


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              yes for the flush also


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                i badly need something for the flushing i get when stressed. may this help? how do you apply it and where's a good place to buy in the UK?



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                  Try in ebay..

                  This is the only thing that has worked on my skin and for the flushes also.

                  I apply this whenever I'm at home..


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                    i've been using this stuff for about 5 weeks now. i put some on before bed and it keeps my face smooth and moist. i dont see it helping my flushing, but its smooth and its not irritating.


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                      Calendula oil/Avena Botanicals - Might work!

                      I've had a bottle of calendula oil in my cabinet for awhile that I used (as suggested by my local health food store rep) for a cut on my face. I am almost 65 and rosacea has suddenly reappeared in a major way! Ack. I've tried the diet thing (no wheat gluten, dairy, etc.), use only filtered water to rinse face, etc. etc, etc.

                      So, I use a q-tip to apply to areas that are inflamed. (And yes. At 65 I have those little zits, redness, scaly patches, etc.) It seems to be working quite well. That and Dove soap (Yeah, I know. But it works.) are helping tremendously. If anyone is interested, I'll keep you posted on what happens. I REALLY DO NOT want to go on antibiotics, acutane, etc. at this time in life. Seeking a "better" way. Good luck to you all!