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New Rosacea Care All natural sunscreen 30 vs. old sunscreen formulation

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  • New Rosacea Care All natural sunscreen 30 vs. old sunscreen formulation

    Have others had much success with the new all natural sunscreen formulation from rosacea care? They came out with this new formulation in June of last year. The old formulation worked really well with my skin and I had quite a bit left over so I've been continuing to use that, but I'm just about out of it. The new formulation is really sticky and difficult to blend into my skin. I mainly have flushing of my nose and I find this new formulation is contributing to more flushing. I noticed beads of sweat on my nose the other day and more swelling than normal. I can only think that I don't toleratre high levels of zinc oxide for some reason becuase I've had this happen with other sunscreens that had high levels of zinc oxide. I was wondering what others think of this new sunscreen formulation from Rosacea Care?

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    High concentration zinc sunscreens –*hard(er) to remove

    Sunscreens with high concentrations of zinc are a nuisance to remove. To carry all the zinc, they contain thicker ingredients... Lighter sunscreens don't have that problem.

    There is more about this at:

    They suggest using a lower concentration of zinc + a single chemical block as a workaround but also state that the modern physical sunscreens aren't protective enough UVA on their own.