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SkinMed Synchrorose products, has anyone else tried them?

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  • SkinMed Synchrorose products, has anyone else tried them?

    Hi All,

    I can't seem to find a mention on the forum about these products, but I wanted to post something because they really helped me. It might sound like I work for them, but they are a small company and in the current economic climate all small companies are at risk and I would be pretty gutted if I couldn't get my cream anymore!

    Thanks to the really helpful information I found on here, I started seeing Prof Chu a year or so ago (privately at first and then on the Nhs). I asked Prof Chu for a recommendation of some cream to use and he suggested this company SkinMed. I was bit dubious at first as I have tried so many other products that irritated my skin, so I phoned them up and requested a sample before I forked out for a whole tube. The samples seemed to be ok so I then went on to buy a larger size.

    They do say that it can take up to six weeks of regular use to get a result and I so I didn't really think too much about it, they just felt ok on my skin so I started using them and I have to say it's really made a difference. It seemed to creep up on me gradually but one day I realised that my redness and flushing was much better (it has actually reduced the regularity and severity of the flushing episodes, even from internal triggers). I have been using them since maybe the spring of this year and now can go out without any make up on most days, the Intensive cream also has a factor 15 in it.
    At the beginning I bought the cleanser but I wasn't super keen on it and was pretty happy with my one I used before from REN so I only use the Synchrorose Fast and Intensive creams. They recommend you use it twice a day but I only used it once a day and it worked well.
    I'm pretty lucky I only have subtype 1 so I'm not sure how it works for everyone. Prof Chu said it doesn't necessarily work for everyone but I don't know what I'd do without it now. I've gone from 2 years ago being quite obsessed about my skin to now being able get on with life and relax about it, I even managed to go to Bali on holiday (with a hat and factor 50 cream!). There's lots of scientific evidence to back it up, I really would recommend it to anyone with Rosacea.

    Creams and meds:
    Clonidine 3 times a day (2 x 25microgram tablets)
    Differin cream at night.
    I now also use the Differin at night under the Synchrorose intensive.
    I also have Seb Derm so I wash my face in the morning with raw honey and occasionally do the mask (I'm sure it'd be much better if I could last the full month doing the proper regime!)

    (BTW other products I also found quite gentle is the REN Hydra-calm cream clenaser and Global protection day cream but it doesn't have an spf)

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    I used these for a few years, up until about a year ago. At first I used the cleanser, then the Fast and Intensive creams (in that order); after a while I dropped the cleanser, as a sweep of it across my skin left a nasty red streak.

    The Fast and Intensive creams did seem to help for the period of time I used them, in terms of plumping up the skin and giving it an apparent resilience in comparison with times I didn't use them for a while. However, I had to stop using them when my skin seemed to become resistant to it, and slough off in flakes wherever/whenever I used them.


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      Today I had a KTP laser session, where I was relentlessly badgered and pressured into buying topical products (all over-priced), one of which was the Synchrorose "gentle cleaning gel". I've slightly alarmed knowing that someone in this thread has experienced irritation. The way it was described to me by the pushy salesperson is that these products can never do any wrong. I'll be careful.
      I'm recovering from Mirvaso-induced skin damage. Ask me about it if you are too.

      T-Shirt: "Laser skin treatment. That's what it is if you're wondering. Yes, it hurt."