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Success Stories with Raw Honey & Coconut Oil

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  • Success Stories with Raw Honey & Coconut Oil


    I am getting ready to start a new job in a few months, and have been thinking about giving the Raw Honey and Virgin Coconut Oil another try. I had some great success early on, but stopped using the products due to time restraints.

    Are there any regulars on the forum that can share their success stories, and whether they are still using the Raw Honey and VCO on a regular basis? I know Auburn has said she has used the product for a while now, but it would be nice to hear from those who had success and have been using these products for 6 months or longer.


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    Success Stories with Raw Honey & Coconut Oil

    I am currently using natural, organic, unrefined, cold pressed coconut. whilst I am still experimenting with other things, this is the only product I use as a cleanser and moisturiser for my face. Its the only thing that does not irritate me but, I have also introduced turmeric face mask which is currently helping me get over a flare up and it is really working. Mix 1 dessertspoon of turmeric with a smidge of natural yoghurt and 1/2 teaspoon of organic honey. I say a smidge because you don't want the mask too runny because despite the turmeric not staining my skin, it does stain everything else. This mixture instantly cools my skin, reduces bumps and the redness. Leave on for 20 minutes then rinse off with tepid water, I have used it twice in first week and will probably stay that way for a while. The reason I am having a flare up is because I just stopped using the coconut and did a couple of other things that in my heart knew could be problematic. I am just a fallible human but I wont forget this again and will stick with what works. Coconut has excellent properties and all natural, I can use it for so many things, shaving my legs and underarms (my partner now using it on his face) after bath moisturiser, facial cleanser and moisturiser, I even used it in place of body wash and I have to say it was just as effective but my skin felt amazing, I can actual save a fortune on all the products I used to buy and can use this for most. I love the smell and despite what people say, it does eventually soak in and doesn't leave me looking greasy. It costs me approx. £8 on the net including delivery and lasts a good month... so I am quid's in which is just as well because I have just had to spend a fortune on mineral make up, o well as they say 'easy come, easy go' .
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