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  • Sunscreen

    Hi everyone, I'm new here. I know many people are doing the same thing as I'm doing in searching of the perfect sunscreen, but I'm scared to try most of them because of the list of ingredients.

    I'm about to make my own with zinc oxide power (none micronized) and just add it to my favorite lotion to protect myself from the sun. Has anyone tried this? And will zinc oxide clog pores? I did some research on zinc oxide, some say that it's good for inflamed skin, and other say it causes rash?!???

    I also found this new sunscreen that just came out:
    The ingredients don't scare me away but wonder if anyone used this and experience?


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    Mixing sunscreen with lotion actually dilutes the SPF, which means less protection for your skin. I'd go ahead and try that badger sunscreen.


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      Hi Kiki and welcome to the RF
      I looked up the Badger and it seems promising. If you do try it please let us know what you think.


      ps I moved this thread to topicals since it is mainly about sunscreen.
      It would be great though if you wanted to start a thread in the newbie section introducing yourself and telling us a bit about your rosacea symptoms and what treatments you have tried.


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        Thanks Melissa, I searched for reviews for the new Badger sunscreen, and some said it's too oily and hard to wash off even with soap. I have very oily skin type.

        I've already ordered the zinc oxide though...should be getting it next week. I think I'm still going to try mix that with my lotion, i heard a 25% of that in lotion should give you a nice spf 20+. Not sure how it'll look on my skin though...

        In the meanwhile, I'm also looking for a good simple makeup. I've been working from home for the last past month but about to move to New York, and I need a makeup to step out door lol.

        So, I've narrowed it down to this brand called "Earth Beauty":
        the ingredients look promising but when i did research on magnesium stearate, it might be a skin irritant. So, If i ever decide to give this a try i might try the one without sunscreen.

        p.s. I will introduce myself in the newbie section I think I skipped that step and went right into my questions.