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Spray Tans for sebhorreic dermatitis - good or bad?

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  • Spray Tans for sebhorreic dermatitis - good or bad?

    Hi everyone,

    I have received some excellent advice off everyone here over the past year or so. Hoping for some more now ;) I suffer from sebhorreic dermatitis (combined with rosacea) on the T-Zone of my face. It is pretty severe in redness, and dry, flaky, scaly, crusty skin.

    The only way I can lessen the redness is by using fake tan, which helps disguise it to an extent. However the fake tan I use (Pizbuin selt tan summer sensation) is not perfect, it wears off after a few days, and can be a bit blotchy and orange.

    I was considering trying out the spray tan machines you get at sunning salons. I was wondering if anyone with a similar condition to me has tried this? Did it work? Would you reccomend it?

    If you don't recommend it, can you recommend any really good fake tans that disguise the redness.